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The Skills Needed for Data Storytelling

by Marc Fanelli, SVP Strategic Partnerships and Global Data Supply, Eyeota. Extracted from I-COM Data Storytelling Council whitepaper.

It is important to recognise that the term “Data Storytelling” is a double-edged sword. Businesses increasingly require complex data analysis that drives business decision-making into narratives that are consumable, understandable and able to be democratised across organisations – to both technical and non-technical people alike.


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Five Areas Marketing Needs to Address for Better Data Storytelling

Marc Fanelli, SVP Strategic Partnerships and Global Data Supply, has contributed to the latest I-COM Data Storytelling Council whitepaper - Five Areas Marketing Needs to Address for Better Data Storytelling.

Download the full whitepaper to learn more.


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In Conversation: Eyeota and Amobee Talk Audiences for Social Campaigns

Watch this discussion between Kristina Prokop, CEO of Eyeota, and Luke Hathaway VP, Social from Amobee to learn why you should include omnichannel audience profiles in your social media advertising campaigns.


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CEO Kristina Prokop chats data on the Stirista Podcast

Eyeota CEO Kristina Prokop joins Stirista's VP of B2B Products, Vincent Pietrefesa and CEO Ajay Gupta on their The Marketing Stir Podcast. Take a listen to learn how Kristina founded Eyeota, complying with GDPR and lots of other data related issues!


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Eyeota Audiences Now Available for Social Activation Through Amobee

Eyeota has formed a unique partnership with Amobee which enables marketers to seamlessly connect with their target audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter. Eyeota’s social audience activation is now available in all global markets across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific (APAC). 

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Webcast: CEO Kristina Prokop on Programmatic and Identity

Our CEO Kristina Prokop is a guest on the ID5 laptop-side chat series. Watch now to see Kristina in conversation with Mathieu Roche, CEO of ID5 and Kasper Skou, CEO of Semasio - chatting about all things programmatic and identity related. 


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Eyeota x TBWA: Audience Data Session...At Home

A new instalment of our brand new video series - Audience Data home! 

Derek Klimkowski from Eyeota talks to Ye Wang from TBWA\Worldwide about how the agency has been communicating with clients and employees over the last few weeks.

Watch the conversation here.

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Replacing the “Data Buyer Beware” Mentality with Transparency

Here independent data auditor, Neutronian, outline some of the practices that stood out to them during our recent certification including transparency and privacy.

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Video: Data Quality with Neutronian

Eyeota has recently been awarded one of the first Neutronian Certification Badges. To learn more about the importance of quality data, what exactly goes into a data audit and the worthy mission of Neutronian, watch this discussion between Kristina Prokop, CEO of Eyeota and Timur Yarnall, CEO of Neutronian. 

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Why engaging passionate TV audiences can drive revenue for your brand.

Guest blog by Josh Raper, VP of Marketing, Affinity Answers.

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How COVID-19 is changing the way we browse, share and buy.

Guest blog by Matt Palmaccio – Director of Product Marketing at ShareThis.

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Podcast: CEO Kristina Prokop in conversation with Florian Heinemann

Our CEO Kristina Prokop chats with Florian Heinemann, Founding Partner at Project A Ventures about programmatic advertising, audience segmentation and campaign targeting.

Click on the button below to listen to the podcast.

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Eyeota Awarded Independent Verification of Data Quality and Compliance

Eyeota is proud to announce that it has been awarded with a Neutronian Certification Badge for its Eyeota Branded Segments.

“Being one of the first to be certified is a significant honor,” said Kristina Prokop, CEO and co-founder of Eyeota. “Quality and transparency have always been vital aspects of our data business and now, more than ever, those principles are critical for brands’ bottom lines. For the first time, Neutronian is offering our industry an independent verification of these important elements to encourage more transparency moving forward."

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Deliver Political Campaigns With Precision

Guest blog by Charlie Swift, EVP – Head of Marketing and Account Management, ALC.

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Eyeota x Horizon Media: Audience Data Session...At Home

A new instalment of our brand new video series - Audience Data home! 

Derek Klimkowski from Eyeota chats with Maikel O'Hanlon from Horizon Media about the shift in internal communications within the agency and how to provide good service to clients at this time.

Watch the conversation here.


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Eyeota and Equifax Expand Partnership into New Zealand

Eyeota is pleased to announce an expansion of our strong, collaborative partnership with Equifax in New Zealand.

Marketers in New Zealand can now draw on unique financial insights and risk profiles from across the credit-active population to make relevant offers for finance products. This may help advertisers to be more responsible with campaign delivery by avoiding advertising to consumers that may be at risk or not eligible for certain types of credit offers.

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Eyeota and YouGov Expand Partnership into Seven New Markets

Eyeota is pleased to announced the expansion of our data partnership with YouGov into seven new markets. Eyeota now enables activation of audiences built on YouGov data in France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. Marketers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany have been able to access YouGov/Eyeota audiences since 2016. 

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Eyeota x Crossmedia: Audience Data Session...At Home

A new instalment of our brand new video series - Audience Data home! 

Jane Aull from Eyeota speaks with Jay Krihak from Crossmedia about how best to communicate with and help clients at this time.

Watch the conversation here.


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Eye on: Home Fitness Audience Playbook

With most gyms temporarily closed, consumers are turning to home equipment, exercise bikes, weights, personal fitness trackers, and supplements to stay fit while confined. According to eMarketer, monthly spending by U.S. consumers on home fitness products and services has increased by 35 to 40% in March 2020*.
Brands and marketers should leverage this surge in demand by activating audience data for campaigns to engage consumers interested in keeping fit, as well as connecting with those with strong past purchases on health and fitness.
Check out the Eye On: Home Fitness Audience Playbook to discover audience data strategies and segments to identify, reach and engage your best future customers
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Eyeota x Programmatic Mechanics: Audience Data Session...At Home

Introducing our brand new video series - Audience Data home! 

Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing the conversations we have been having with our partners, clients and industry friends about the impact that COVID-19 is having on digital advertising.

First up is Travis Roznos from Eyeota chatting with Jason Deutsch and Jessica Cordero from Programmatic Mechanics.


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The Effect of COVID-19 on Marketing Strategies - and what to do about it

Despite the entire city of Manhattan being in complete lockdown, I was still able to spend an enjoyable evening of dinner and discussion with my I-COM peers albeit at home rather than our usual restaurant meet-ups (though some of the green screen backdrops were very clever!). We gathered to listen to Chris Cable, Director of Data, Analytics and Strategic Planning at Diageo, USA deliver the keynote presentation about the effects of COVID-19 on marketing and the strategies to adapt to the changes.

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Publishers: How to Make Additional Revenue from your Data

Publishers continue to feel the pressure as they battle GDPR requirements in the EU, and CCPA in the US on top of the unrelenting competition from Facebook, Google and Amazon and the impending deprecation of third-party cookies. These issues are all having an impact on the publishers revenue goals. And now the Coronavirus pandemic has further compounded all these issues to such a point that “Digiday Research found that 88% of publishing executives surveyed expect to miss their business goals this year due to the outbreak.” However, there is a powerful but relatively dormant source of revenue that a publisher might currently be sitting on - data.

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MarTech Cube Interview with Kristina Prokop

“Focus on the problem, you’re solving for your customers. Don’t build products that you think they need; know their pain points and the exact issues you’re solving for them".  Read on for more insights from CEO Kristina Prokop in discussion with MarTech Cube.

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State Of Digital Publishing Interview with Kristina Prokop

Eyeota CEO, Kristina Prokop, chats with State of Digital Publishing about her career, her pathway into ad tech, how publishers can generate revenue from their data and her view on the deprecation of third-party cookies. 

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10 Ways Audience Data Can Help You Reach Consumers During COVID-19

The entire advertising industry is going through an extremely difficult time right now as all advertisers are having to make immediate changes to their current marketing strategies based on rapidly changing information. It is likely that consumers will be spending increased time online over the coming weeks and probably months so with that in mind, here are 10 audience targeting strategies to consider during this period.

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Health, Hygiene and Entertainment Audience Guide

Here at Eyeota we recognize that many brands are trying to help consumers stay safe, well and healthy at this time. We are committed to making it easier for marketers to identify, reach and engage the right consumers.

The Eye On: Health, Hygiene and Home Entertainment guide has segment recommendations to connect with consumers and share information about relevant products and services. Download our guide here now.

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COVID-19: Eyeota is here to support you

In the midst of the global challenges Coronavirus (COVID-19) poses for all of us, it is critical that we all focus on what is most important - the safety and health of our families, our communities and our employees, clients and partners. Eyeota has been focusing on measures to minimize all potential risk factors while maintaining the high levels of service and responsiveness you are accustomed to. 

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Why data quality and transparency matters

We recently hosted a session on "Why data quality and transparency matter" with the IAB Tech Lab and Neutronian. Read my top 3 takeaways from the session here.

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Audience Data Sessions | Mind the Gap Session with YouGov

How Research-Based Audiences Help To Close The Loop Between Campaign Planning & Measurement.

Did you know that research-based data not only adds value at the campaign planning phase but can also enable brands to better target consumers throughout the digital advertising lifecycle?

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Podcast: Surviving In A Cookie-less Environment

In recent months, the digital advertising industry has seen a shift towards a future where third-party cookies will no longer be in use.

For brands and marketers, what will a digital advertising environment be like without cookies? In this podcast, a panel of experts discuss the impact of enhanced cookie-control on digital advertising, the rise of permissions-based targeting, and, ultimately, how to survive in a cookie-less environment.

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Panel: Connecting the Data Chain

With Adform, Eyeota, Pierian, Permutive & YouGov

From a marketer, data owner and platform point of view, Eyeota discusses Connecting the Data Chain with some of the key players in the digital media industry.

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Spotlight On | Experian UK Health & Beauty Audiences

Spending on health & beauty products by UK internet users remains in the top 5 of online retail categories.

Influence beauty buyers with Experian UK's Health & Beauty audiences, powered by Experian and Boots UK.

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Eyeota Partners with DBM Atlas, an Award-Winning Data-Empowered Consulting Service for Financial Services Marketers

Sydney, Australia -- February 5, 2020 -- Eyeota, the leading audience technology platform enabling the intelligent use of data, today announces a new partnership with DBM Atlas, the largest financial services research agency in Australia.

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Eyeota Appoints Marc Fanelli as SVP of Strategic Partnership and Development

New York, NY – January 29, 2020Eyeota, the leading audience technology platform enabling the intelligent use of data, today announced the appointment of Marc Fanelli as senior vice president (SVP) of strategic partnerships and development.

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Eyeota Announces an Exclusive Partnership with Scroll Media, Reaching Nearly Half of the Population of New Zealand

Sydney, Australia -- January 16, 2020 -- Eyeota, the leading audience technology platform enabling the intelligent use of data, today announced an exclusive partnership with Scroll Media, a key digital ad network in New Zealand.

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Podcast: Surviving in a cookie-less environment.

For brands and marketers, what will a digital advertising environment be like without cookies? In this podcast, a panel of experts discuss the impact of enhanced cookie-control on digital advertising, the rise of permissions-based targeting, and, ultimately, how to survive in a cookie-less environment.

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Panel: Connecting the Data Chain

Our panel of experts discuss how marketers can optimize and connect 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data to reach their best customers. With Adform, Eyeota, Permutive, Pierian, and YouGov. 

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How Brand Affinities Can Help You Win The Holiday Season & Beyond.

Watch the Eyeota Audience Data Sessions with Affinity Answers to learn:
1. How programmatic targeting has evolved to include in-depth, brand-level data.
2. The opportunities to intercept customers who are most likely to shop your competitors.
3. The benefits of using brand affinities to win this holiday season and beyond.

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Eyeota Appoints Kristina Prokop CEO

New York, NY -- Monday, December 09, 2019Eyeota, the audience technology platform, today announced that co-founder Kristina Prokop has been appointed chief executive officer (CEO) as co-founder Kevin Tan steps down from the role. 

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Eyeota Brings In Co-Founder Kristina Prokop As CEO

Eyeota co-founder Kristina Prokop talks to Ad Exchanger about returning to lead the data company as CEO.

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Eyeota Introduces Gaming Audiences in Asia Pacific Through New Partnership with Ziff Davis

Sydney, Australia -- November 28, 2019 --  Eyeota, the leading audience technology platform enabling the intelligent use of data, today announced a new partnership with global digital media company Ziff Davis, a division of J2 Global.

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Eyeota Releases Proprietary Research on Holiday Shoppers and Consumer Electronics with Ziff Davis

New York, NY -- November 13, 2019 --  Eyeota, the leading audience technology platform enabling the intelligent use of data, today released its 2019 Consumer Electronics Holiday Shopping Study with Ziff Davis.

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How To Target Beauty Consumers Online

The Beauty and Personal Care sub-sector has grown rapidly in the past several years, as consumers flock to buy new products from both legacy beauty brands and new start-up brands. An influx of Korean beauty products, such as face masks, and sustainable, natural products are also major contributors to this growing sector.

The new Eyeota 2019 Eye On: Beauty report outlines a number of industry trends and audience targeting strategies to reach niche beauty and personal care consumers.

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Eyeota Boosts New Zealand Presence by Partnering with DOT Loves Data

Sydney, Australia -- October 15, 2019 -- Eyeota, the leading audience technology platform enabling the intelligent use of data, today announced the expansion of its offering in Oceania by partnering with New Zealand-based DOT Loves Data, a data company that joins the dots between data science, marketing, and business strategy to develop data analysis products.

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Entrepreneur Anand Das Joins Eyeota to Lead Technology Team, Hires New VP of Engineering

San Francisco, CA -- October 9, 2019 -- Eyeota, the leading audience technology platform enabling the intelligent use of data, today announced entrepreneur and industry veteran Anand Das joined as chief technology officer (CTO) to propel the company’s technological developments through the era of global data privacy regulation. Vasu Cherlopalle has been appointed vice president (VP) of engineering.

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5 Top Audience Targeting Strategies Ahead of This Holiday Shopping Season

It's that time of year when advertisers start to think about their holiday campaigns. So what can we learn from retail advertisers and agencies audience targeting strategies over the last 18 months?

The new Eyeota 2019 Eye On: Retail report uncovers a number of key insights ahead of this holiday season - read on to learn more.


Retail Spending Over Time by Vertical and Region

As the year winds down and people around the world start eyeing their holiday shopping lists, marketers need to focus on the nitty-gritty elements of retail spend, such as timing, category and region. Audience technology platform Eyeota released a report breaking it all down, and the differences provide insight for marketers looking to capitalize.

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Equifax Data-Driven Marketing Digital Customer Insights Now Available Through the Eyeota Audience Marketplace

Equifax Data-driven Marketing, the marketing data, analytics and technology solutions capability of Equifax Inc. (NYSE: EFX), today announced a collaborative relationship with audience technology platform Eyeota. This expanded relationship makes Equifax DDM’s digital consumer segments now available through the Eyeota Audience Marketplace under the IXI Digital label. 

Consumer Data Concerns: Let’s Admit There’s A Problem

The ad tech industry today is effectively chasing quarters into oncoming traffic. We are taking user concerns like privacy entirely too lightly, or talking about shiny things like "cookieless," which to date is more hope than strategy.

Eyeota CTO Pieter de Zwart shares his thoughts on how the industry can work collectively to combat these long-term threats with combined, shared resources.

Digitally Native Brands Show How To Use Consumer Data When Selling Direct

Direct-to-consumer brands leverage data to effectively market to their customers, using channels, messages and even real-world experiences in ways that allow them to create touchpoints that engage all along the path to purchase.

Kevin Tan, Eyeota CEO & Co-Founder, shares steps on how brands can catch up, and even get ahead, by recognizing how critical data is to their success—and their survival.

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Eyeota Grows Lifestage Audience Solutions with New Partnerships with Greater Data and Defin’d by Finity

Eyeota has announced new partnerships with two Australian data providers, Greater Data and Defin’d by Finity. These partnerships will expand Eyeota’s audience solutions and address the growing demand for audience data in the Australian market.

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Podcast: Surviving In A Cookie-less Environment

In recent months, the digital advertising industry has seen a shift towards a future where third-party cookies will no longer be in use. For brands and marketers, what will a digital advertising environment be like without cookies? In this podcast, a panel of experts discuss the impact of enhanced cookie-control on digital advertising, the rise of permissions-based targeting, and, ultimately, how to survive in a cookie-less environment.

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5 Effective Audience Targeting Strategies for Travel & Leisure Brands

Travel Brands are one of the biggest spenders on audience data seen on the Eyeota Audience Data Platform. So how has this diverse group of advertisers which includes airlines, booking sites, travel agents, hotels and auto rentals been using audience data to reach their target audiences?

The 2019 Eye On: Travel report has uncovered a number of key insights around how travel and leisure-related advertisers and agencies develop and execute global audience targeting strategies - read on to learn more.

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CCPA: The Countdown to Compliance

CCPA will come into force on January 1, 2020 so how will this affect you? Increase your knowledge and understanding of the main points of this new legislation by reading our key highlights summary here.

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How To Build An Audience Targeting Strategy

A recent Econsultancy survey showed that the majority of marketers (55%) say that utilizing data for effective audience segmentation and targeting is one the highest priorities in 2019. Being able to select the right audiences for your goals is crucial for campaign success but the sheer amount of data that a marketer has access to these days may feel overwhelming.

What are the 5 key steps you need to consider when building an audience targeting strategy? 

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Audience Targeting Strategies for Travel Brands

At Eyeota, we see spend across all major verticals and travel is one of the biggest spenders on audience data so, with summer vacations around the corner, let's take a closer look at some developing audience strategies for the travel sector that were presented at the Eyeota Audience Data Summit recently. 

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Understanding World Cup Fans

The 2019 Women’s World Cup is in full swing and early numbers indicate that we should see a record setting number of fans tuning in. We wanted to learn more about World Cups Fans and how marketers can engage with this growing audience.

Digging in to Data & Analytics

In this exclusive interview with MarTech Advisor, Howard shares tips on how to connect the dots to better understand and serve a prospect’s buyer journey.

Howard answers questions on:

  • How to foster data and analytics to gain consumer insights
  • Which factors influence consumer behavior in an omni-channel setup
  • How to ensure maximum transparency in audience data collected programmatically

What is the Future of Advertising?

Eyeota Co-Founder and CEO, Kevin Tan, shares his thoughts on the future of advertising.

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Phoebe Ang Joins Eyeota as Chief Financial Officer from Dentsu Aegis Network

Eyeota has announced the appointment of its chief financial officer (CFO), Phoebe Ang.

Joining Eyeota from Dentsu Aegis Network, Phoebe will be based in the Singapore office and will partner with CEO Kevin Tan to spearhead exponential and international growth in the coming years. 

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Say Hello to Our New Taxonomy

By: Eyeota
As part of our commitment to make data make sense, we recently launched a new Eyeota Taxonomy. We implemented changes based on our client’s feedback and created all-new, performance-based audience segments that are aligned to industry verticals and are more relevant to buyers and their customers. Find out how these changes will help you.
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Drive Your Audience Strategy Forward

By: Alex Fu, Global Director of Audience Insights
The automobile sector is one of the largest contributors of digital marketing spend but how are they using audience data? Here's five key insights taken from our new Eye on: Automotive insights report. Plus find out how to get your own copy of the report.
Press Releases, New Hires and Offices, Australia

Eyeota Appoints Andrew Gilbert as Commercial Director - Australia and New Zealand

Seasoned executive will expand presence and grow revenue across the region.

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Location Intelligence 2019 - Marketers Adapt to Evolving Privacy and Data Landscape

Marketers are using more location data than ever, but consumer privacy concerns and an evolving landscape have raised new challenges. Marketers must be more transparent and thoughtful about collecting and using geolocation.

eMarketer interviewed several industry luminaries including Jill Orr, COO at Eyeota, to uncover how marketers are using location data, how location data quality has evolved, consumer attitudes toward sharing location data, and how the advertising industry reacted to GDPR.


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Confidence Returning To Buying And Selling Data

Evolving data laws run the risk of creating continued headaches, but GDPR has pushed most brands, agencies and publishers to a better place, argues Eyeota's international MD Aaron Jackson in Campaign Asia.

Press Releases, New Hires and Offices, United Kingdom

Eyeota Appoints Paul Kelly as Commercial Director - Europe

Internationally conditioned executive will drive European revenue growth initiatives.

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Assessing your Data Stack

Chris Emme, Managing Director, Americas at Eyeota writes for the IAB on how to assess your data stack: "The ad tech landscape has outlived an era of turmoil marked by an overabundance of players with fragmented data solutions (buying technologies). In their wake, over-promising and under-delivering resulted in a period of confusion. As the dust finally settles, however, brands can now more clearly see whom the key players are in the platform space and make decisions about their tech stacks accordingly. Simultaneously, marketers are choosing particular buying platforms to automate media buying across search, social, display, mobile and more, and are now on the road to true automation."

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How to Build a Data Monetization Strategy

The IAB recently released their The State of Data report, which showed that more than $19 billion will be spent in the US on third-party data and on the technical solutions to manage this data in 2018, which represents a 17.5% increase on 2017.

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What, if anything, comes after the cookie?

Pieter de Zwart, Eyeota Chief Technology Officer explores the future of the cookie for The Drum. The cookie’s fall from grace has been nothing short of epic. Misused and abused, the cookie has carried the blame for the consumer privacy concerns that plague programmatic advertising to this day. While many have already declared it dead, it might serve us all to pause and acknowledge that, in truth, the cookie is far from obsolete. It’s likely that cookies will play a more peripheral role in digital advertising moving forward, but for now, they are still the fundamental backbone of the internet.

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5 Ways That Financial Advertisers Targeted Audiences in 2018

By: Alex Fu, Global Director of Audience Insights

Financial services advertising, which includes (but is not limited to) commercial banking, insurance, investment and credit card advertisers, is a major contributor to global digital advertising spend the U.S. In fact, digital spend from the financial services sector is expected to reach $15.69bn in 2019, representing 12.1% of all digital ad spend in the U.S.1 

Press Releases, New Hires and Offices, United States

Eyeota Appoints Two New Executives to Fuel Continued Growth

The global audience data platform expands international leadership team with strategic hires to support corporate and business development as well as partnership management.


Ad Tech 'Buying Spree' Not Over Yet

Speaking to AdNews, Eyeota international managing director Aaron Jackson said the ad tech buying spree is by no means over and more consolidation is inevitable, as data continues to lure companies in. He stresses that market contraction should not "cause concern".


How Global Data Marketplace Eyeota Prepared For GDPR

Nine months on from the introduction of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the first major fine has been handed down to Google for not being transparent and clear enough with consumers about how their data is being used. Aaron Jackson, Eyeota's Managing Director, International shares his advice about how to build a business with privacy at the heart of it.


Top Trends that will Drive B2B Digital Growth in 2019

According to the IAB B2B Committee, programmatic and account-based marketing will be the top themes for B2B marketers in 2019. Derek Klimkowski, Head of Demand Sales for Eyeota shares his thoughts on the topic alongside other industry leaders.

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Eyeota 2019 Predictions: Data and the Ecosystem

By: Eyeota

As we close out a landmark year for audience data, let's take a look at what industry trends and developments we predict we'll see in 2019.

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How the Eyeota Audience Data Summits Reflected A Year Of Change.

By: Aaron Jackson, Managing Director International

2018 has indeed been a year of change. Across the digital advertising economy in Europe, the swell of new legislation caused a wave of internal and external adjustments for brands and businesses in an effort to navigate the new regulations. 


Improving revenue with programmatic advertising

Eyeota SEA GM Priya Khatri talks to Malaysia-based media outlet The Star about how data can play a crucial role in helping brands humanise their engagement with customers and build more meaningful relationships.


The Power of Truly Global Data: Taboola Interview with Jill Orr, COO

Taboola sat down with Jill Orr, COO of Eyeota, to discuss what is relevant for advertisers today when considering third-party data solutions and how they can best incorporate new information into their marketing strategies.

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Data Owners: Unwrap New Revenue Opportunities this Holiday Season

By: Eyeota


Press Releases, APAC, New Hires and Offices, Singapore

Eyeota Bolsters APAC Presence with Two Key Team Appointments

Rohiet Ghildyaal and Christine Siholina join the expanding Singapore team to drive new business with local advertisers, agencies, data owners and research companies.

Press Releases, New Hires and Offices, Americas

Eyeota Appoints Chris Emme as Managing Director, Americas

Industry Veteran to Drive Company’s Strategic Client Engagement & Overall Business Growth across the Americas.

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The Marketing Funnel Is Now Audience-Shaped

By: Eyeota

You may have noticed that Eyeota has a brand-new look. It's bolder, fresher and brighter than ever before but most importantly, it now better reflects our focus on audiences and how we are uniquely set up to help marketers and data owners understand their audiences better.

Press Releases, Audience Data, APAC, Partnership

Eyeota and Experian Expand Partnership With New Data Sets in Malaysia and Indonesia

Eyeota, the global leader in audience data, expands its partnership with Experian, a leading global information services company, making audience segments available to marketers and media buyers in Malaysia and Indonesia.  

The expanded partnership addresses the growing demand for audience data worldwide, and is an extension of Eyeota’s existing relationship with Experian in the United States, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

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Beyond Retargeting: Reach New Audiences for Better Prospecting

By: Eyeota

Re-targeting is an established part of most marketers’ digital strategy. Marketers see this an intelligent way to reach customers that have shown a clear interest in their products. However, there is a limit to how much of your own first party data that you can use so how do you reach similar audiences without repeatedly targeting your current prospects?


Eyeota, TwentyCi Deliver Enriched Real Estate Audiences

Eyeota, the global leader in audience data, and TwentyCi, a data science company specialising in property data, partner to provide qualified audiences to brands and agencies targeting UK consumers at key stages of home-moving and type of home ownership. Paul Hickey, Director of Digital Solutions at TwentyCi, says, "We have seen that audiences at significant home-moving stages have a higher propensity to spend on categories such as auto, retail and finance. TwentyCi is very excited to partner with Eyeota to connect brands and marketers to this potentially high-spending audience."


4 Ways Data Can Influence Consumers Along Their Buying Journey

U.S. car sales are estimated to reach 16 million this year. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are doubling down on new designs, technology innovations and differentiating services to boost sales and win back customers.


Industry Profile: Eyeota GM ANZ Peter Hunter

Our Industry Profile takes a weekly look at some of the professionals working across the advertising, ad tech, marketing and media sector in Australia. It aims to shed light on the varying roles and companies across the buzzing industry. This week we speak to Eyeota general manager for Australia-New Zealand, Peter Hunter.


Priya Khatri Selected as Women to Watch in 2018

There's nothing like a few sessions judging the entries submitted to our annual Women to Watch list to make one feel one should really be working harder. Our judging team, made up of senior editorial members of Campaign Asia-Pacific, felt that this year's collection of over 100 entries was stronger than ever, and the sheer scale of achievements of the final 40 women we narrowed the list down to makes for quite phenomenal reading.

Press Releases

Howard Luks Joins Eyeota to Lead Data Products and Platform Partnerships

Eyeota hires Howard Luks as Senior Vice President, Data Products and Partnerships. In this newly created role, Howard will focus on global distribution partnerships, channel integrations and data, and direct the global platforms team out of New York.


U.S. Leads In Data Buys For Back-To-School Campaigns

Data segments bought for back-to-school shopping campaigns varied greatly across industries. While some advertisers focused on interest, others were geared sharply toward sociodemographic.

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5 Myths About Audience Data and Programmatic

By: Eyeota

The programmatic buying of digital ads has transformed the display market over the last few years. The proportion of display ads bought programmatically continues to rise year on year - The Boston Consulting Group estimates that the total digital display and video ad market in APAC will increase from $14.5 billion in 2017 to $19.0 billion in 2020 and that programmatic’s share will rise from 19% to 36% over this period. And the ever-expanding display LumaScape demonstrates just how many moving parts the modern marketer has to juggle. Therefore it makes sense that third-party audience data can sometimes get overlooked as there remains some common misconceptions about the role it can play.

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APAC Inertia Holding Back Adoption of Third-Party Data

By: Eyeota

When Eyeota first started in 2010, programmatic buying of inventory was just starting to take off, but there was a dire lack of quality third-party audience data. So, the company was born to fill this gap in the market.

Press Releases, New Hires and Offices

Pieter de Zwart Joins Eyeota as Chief Technology Officer

Eyeota hires Pieter de Zwart as Chief Technology Officer to lead the company’s technology strategy and spearhead the development of Eyeota’s global audience platform. 


AU Consumers Slow to Act on Privacy Concerns; Singapore Programmatic Ad Spend for Travel Audiences Grows 280%

A large majority of Australians believe it is unacceptable for companies to collect personal data to tailor ads, but few actually do something about it.

Some 92% said it was unacceptable for organisations to collect personal financial data, while 89% said likewise for health and financial data, and another 89% said companies should not be scraping contents of messages or email for the purpose of tailoring ads and offers to consumers.

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Eyeota Expands in Midwest, Appoints Jamie Jager to Director, Agency Sales

Jamie Jager joins Eyeota as Director, Agency Sales, to accelerate the company’s growth and further support clients across the Midwest and Toronto, Canada.


Identifying Travel Patterns Improves Ad Targeting For Other Categories

If you market to travelers, which many marketers do, considering lifestyles shouldn't be an option. Travel plans can tell marketers a lot about a consumer's lifestyle and buying habits such as the type of climate they prefer, annual amount they will spend on non-discretionary items, and preferences for either low-dollar or high-dollar brands.

Press Releases, New Hires and Offices

Eyeota Appoints Elissa Reiling to Vice President of Global Marketing

Eyeota taps Elissa Reiling as Vice President, Marketing, to lead its global marketing and communications initiatives.


Eyeota delivers insights into automotive purchase intentions across Australia

Eyeota, a global leader in audience data, has released its latest results on automotive purchase intentions in Australia. The results provide a deep dive into what motivates the buyer and segments those into six different personas: the typical Aussie; millennials; baby boomers and gen X; men; women; luxury buyers.


AnalyticsIQ Amplifies Audience Reach Through Strategic Integration with Eyeota

Eyeota, a leader in audience data, partners with AnalyticsIQ, a predictive analytics and consumer marketing innovator, to onboard and activate AnalyticsIQ's Symphony Consumer Personas in the digital ecosystem, creating rich audience lifestyle profiles that are exclusively available through the Eyeota Data Marketplace.


B2B Marketing Insights: Account Based Marketing and Programmatic Drive B2B Engagement and Relevance

With the first quarter of 2018 behind us, we asked IAB B2B Committee members what the key trends for remainder 2018 will be for B2B marketing. Two top B2B trends stood out from the insights that IAB members provided:


'Keep looking forward': Exceptional Women of the World featuring Kristina Prokop, Eyeota

Kristina Prokop, co-founder and executive vice president of special ops at Eyeota in Berlin, has come a long way since growing up near Niagara Falls, New York. After graduating with a biology degree and moving to San Francisco, Prokop gravitated towards the adtech space.


Mixing Blockchain with Programmatic

Marketers in adland have few conversations these days that don't weave in the words "blockchain" or "programmatic." From display to video and now radio, companies like the streaming music service Pandora have found and embraced automation, whether ad serving and ad verification or something marketers have come to know as smart contracts.


Marketers reveal even more challenges for 2017

Marketers love to try their hand at predicting the future. But for every opportunity the future brings, there are hurdles and roadblocks that can potentially stand in the way. Whatever the trends shape up to be, it's perhaps even more important to foresee the unique challenges coming down the pipe as we get further into 2017. The marketing industry, fortunately, is no stranger to meeting the challenges of the day.


Top 4 Tips for Global Expansion

With more of the world connecting via the Internet, the time is ripe for brands to expand out of their state, country, or region. But, though connectivity has reached nearly the entire globe, there are still pitfalls in conducting a successful global brand expansion. Here are four tips for brands to strategize a successful global build.

Press Releases, New Hires and Offices

Eyeota Appoints Jill Orr as Chief Operating Officer

Eyeota announces the appointment of Jill Orr as Chief Operating Officer.


Oracle, Eyeota Partner To Boost Global Engagement

Oracle Marketing Cloud announced a partnership on Thursday to add Eyeota's audience insights to the Oracle Data Management Platform. The company hopes that Eyeota's data will significantly expand a marketer's ability to target and personalize communication in campaigns outside of the United States.


F.Y.I. Eyeota Appoints Peter Hunter as ANZ General Manager

Former Quantcast ANZ commercial director Peter Hunter has been appointed to lead the local operations of programmatic data service, Eyeota.


One on One: Kevin Tan Talks Depth of Data

Kevin Tan, CEO of Eyeota, talks about bringing the brand's big audience data capabilities to the United States.

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Neustar Partners with Eyeota to Bring AdAdvisor Audiences to More Global Brands

Eyeota, the global leader in audience data, and Neustar, a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services, are providing an extensive database of consumer audience profiles to marketers and advertisers that will enable them to amplify their data-driven marketing strategies.

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Roy Morgan Research Releases New Helix Personas Indonesia through Eyeota Data Marketplace

In an increasingly fragmented, data-driven media landscape, Eyeota, the global leader in audience data, and Roy Morgan Research, a recognized leader in market research and data innovation have partnered to make Helix Personas Indonesia available in the digital, programmatic trading marketplace.

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Eyeota Teams with Nativo to Infuse Global Audience Data into Native Advertising Technology Platform

Eyeota and Nativo, the leading native advertising technology platform, today announced a partnership to enable premium publishers, brand marketers and agencies to leverage audience data to optimize and strengthen native and content advertising campaigns across a global footprint of supply.

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Eyeota Expands Consumer Audience Data Offering with YouGov Partnership

Addressing the demand for audience data to boost campaign targeting and accuracy, Eyeota has partnered with YouGov, an international data and analytics group, to provide an extensive database of consumer opinion and behavior data spanning the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Press Releases, EMEA, Branded Data Partners, Partnership

GfK and Eyeota consumer purchasing-power retail data available to advertisers across Europe

“Retail Purchasing Power” and “Purchasing Power for Retail Product Lines” now available to improve accuracy of targeting consumers online according to their offline shopping habits


Digital Advertisers Bought More Varieties of Data in 2016

There's an incomprehensible amount of audience data flowing around the digital ad market, and a new report suggests advertisers are investing more money to layer data onto their ad buys. They're selective about it, though.

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Eyeota and Experian announce partnership with launch of Mosaic Digital

SINGAPORE, 13 JULY 2015: Eyeota – the global leader for local audience data – and Experian, one of the world’s leading global information services organisations, have partnered to launch Mosaic Digital. The partnership will see audience data segments made available to marketers and media buyers in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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Eyeota Partners With Netsprint To Offer Hyper-Local Audience Data To The Polish Programmatic Marketplace

POLAND, 8 APRIL 2015: Eyeota - the global leader for local audience data with over 1 billion uniques from publishers across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia and the Americas - has partnered with Netsprint, a leading programmatic intelligence company, to provide targeted data segments for Polish audiences.

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Eyeota’s DMP clients can now instantly activate data in DoubleClick Ad Exchange

Eyeota, a leading international audience targeting data technology company for agencies, advertisers, and publishers, announces it is now a Google certified DMP partner.

Google has certified Eyeota as an approved third party data vendor to run on DoubleClick Ad Exchange.