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Translate, Eyeota's ID agnostic cross-device graph, powers flexible, addressable, and privacy-conscious audience solutions for digital marketing and advertising.

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As a provider of global data solutions, Eyeota has always operated under the premise of data interoperability that enables brands, data companies, and publishers to onboard, enrich, and activate data in their platform of choice.

Eyeota Translate | Cookieless Solution

Translate combines online and offline data and creates B2B and B2C audiences that can be distributed across the digital advertising ecosystem.





Interoperable: We enable our customers to onboard, enrich and activate data in their platform of choice. 

We have an ID agnostic approach to identity and can ingest any online ID (first-party, mobile, deterministic, cohort, contextual and universal IDs) or offline key at a global scale.

We ensure our customers have continued access to solutions regardless of the changes within our industry.

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Eyeota Translate

Flexible & interoperable data collection, matching, and distribution.


What our customer's say


“By using the Eyeota Translate solution we can continue to activate our panel-based data and enable amplification of our audiences to serve our customers in a cookieless world."

Commercial Director at YouGov

Looking Ahead

Over the coming months, we will be releasing further technical and business updates that support Eyeota’s ID Agnostic solutions and future without third-party cookies. Sign up to receive our product updates.

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