Global ID Agnostic Solutions

Eyeota's agnostic approach to identity ensures the seamless global distribution of data and delivery of consumer-friendly audience solutions for omnichannel engagement.

As a provider of global data solutions, Eyeota has always operated under the premise of data interoperability enabling our customers to onboard, transform and activate data in their platform of choice.

Our agnostic approach to identity means we support the ingestion of data based on any online ID or offline key. This ensures continuity and addressability for our customers' activating audience solutions at scale regardless of the changes to the digital marketing and advertising industry.

Activation Solutions for Any ID




The Eyeota Audience Platform supports the ingestion of data based on any online user identifier or offline key.

Any external IDs are anchored to an internal Eyeota ID for deterministic and probabilistic identity matching to create digital audiences that are distributed to activation channels and platforms in the ID format that is required.

The result provides consistent and holistic user identity resolution and addressable audiences to engage consumers across diverse digital devices and people-based environments. 

Eyeota Partners for Global ID Agnostic Solutions

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How Does it Work?


The Eyeota platform offers flexibility in all areas of data collection, matching, extension and distribution.

Data Ingestion and Onboarding: the Eyeota platform supports the ingestion of data based on any online identifier or offline key. These IDs include First-Party Cookies, Cothort, Interest and Group IDs, Hashed Email, Mobile IDs, Universal IDs (such as The Trade Desk ID, ID5, Liveramp), Contextual, and Offline Data (including CRM, Purchase, Loyalty, Research and Survey data).

Data Matching and Extension: the Eyeota platform has the ability to provide both deterministic and probabilistic matching and extension using both the Eyeota proprietary cross device graph and external vendors.

Data Distribution for Activation and Enrichment: the Eyeota platform has the ability to provide data to activation channels and enrichment platforms in the format and using the IDs that are required.

The identifiers that power Eyeota’s ID Agnostic Solutions

These identifiers will provide the scale required to deliver Eyeota’s global ID agnostic solutions and support our product enhancements right now and in the future:


First Party Cookies We are working directly with publishers to provide them with a first-party cookie solution utilizing subdomains or JavaScript tags. This enables us to build a direct relationship with publishers for data products.


Email ID We are working with publishers and data suppliers to utilize hashed email addresses (HEM) they have collected as part of their registration process. We also work with partners who provide HEM matching services enabling us to extend audience targeting into people-based environments and channels that support hashed email IDs e.g. Facebook. We will be able to associate a hashed email ID with a first party browser profile and other group IDs for better targeting, whilst maintaining consumer privacy.


Interest or Group IDs Eyeota can consume IDs that represent a group of users based on similar behavioral patterns seen via a browser such as Chrome, and associate it with an audience profile, a hashed email address and a first party based ID. Our platform can then filter elements within the group profile to augment it with additional relevant information as well as removing information that is identified as irrelevant based on modeling techniques internal to Eyeota.


Non-deterministic Matching Eyeota already uses non-deterministic mechanics to onboard offline data to associate it with online profiles and IDs. We will continue to build out this product as a consumer-friendly and privacy-first product. The scale and ID maps will increase and additional information will provide better accuracy as third-party cookie based identifiers begin to deprecate.


Contextual Data We are working with partners who have brand safe contextual data as well as internal contextual solutions to generate contextual segments. This provides a cookieless alternative for those that would like to utilize contextual segments/data for targeting as an option.


Transaction Logs We can utilise logs from web pages and platforms to inform behaviours, relevance and coverage for user profiles.


Mobile IDs We are continually increasing the volumes of Mobile data in our data offering. This ensures a more diverse set of devices, such as OTT/Connected TV, and environments for both our suppliers and buyers.

Looking Ahead

Over the coming months we will be releasing further technical and business updates that support Eyeota’s ID Agnostic solutions and future without third-party cookies. Sign up to receive our product updates.

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