Eyeota Audience Marketplace

We help marketers understand how to reach their best customers, amplify their brand and grow their business.

Proven Global Methodology

Eyeota's proprietary onboarding methodology ensures the consistent provision of data globally and assures only privacy-compliant data enters our platform.

Market-Specific Audiences

With over 5 billion unique user IDs and counting, our data has the global scale and local relevance you need to identify, reach and engage your best customers.

Data Confidence

Eyeota is dedicated to providing you with data confidence in your global campaigns. All data available within the Eyeota Audience Marketplace is privacy-compliant, transparent and qualified.

5 Billion
Qualified Unique User IDs
Research Companies, Data Owners, & Publishers
Audience Profiles
Leading Global Buying Platforms
Vertical & Seasonal Targeting Categories
Premium Branded Data Solutions

The Eyeota Audience Marketplace

Curated from the best online data sources, the Eyeota Audience Marketplace enables marketers to influence consumers with a robust set of audiences built on demographics, intent, interest, past purchase, purchase, industry verticals and seasonal events.

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From precise 1:1 targeting to driving awareness at massive scale, we have the solutions you need to identify, reach and engage your best customers at every stage of the consumer journey.

Branded Audiences

Complement your marketing strategy with audiences from premium offline and online data owners and research companies.

Custom Audiences

We will work with you to create custom audience segments matched to specific brand KPIs and built to deliver very powerful, accurate and results-driven campaigns.

A Commitment to Data Quality

The quality of our audience data segments has been independently audited and verified.

What are your data challenges?

Lacking declared first party data?
Need a future-proof strategy that respects privacy regulations?
Want to market to new audiences not just existing customers?
Require onboarding in multiple regions and markets?

Learn how Eyeota Onboarding can help you.

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Eyeota Translate
Our Solution to the Cookieless Future

Translate combines online and offline data and creates B2B and B2C audiences that can be distributed across the digital advertising ecosystem.

Interoperable: We enable our customers to onboard, enrich and activate data in their platform of choice.

Agnostic: We have an ID agnostic approach to identity and can ingest any online ID (first-party, mobile, deterministic, cohort, contextual and universal IDs) or offline key at a global scale.

Accessible: We ensure our customers have continued access to solutions regardless of the changes within our industry.

Partner Distribution Network

Easily access Eyeota audiences through your preferred platform. We are integrated with all major buying platforms across the Americas, EMEA and APAC.

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Making Data Make Sense for Marketers

Understanding and maximizing the potential of data to propel business forward is complicated. At Eyeota we are dedicated to helping our customers make sense of data.

Data Desk

Directly connect with an Audience Specialist to identify and build the best audience plan for your specific campaign goals.

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Data Desk

Access audiences instantly with the Audience Discovery Tool to find and discover relevant audiences for your campaigns.

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