Addressable & Globally Available Audience Data for Digital Advertising

Quality, future-proof audience data for digital consumer targeting is possible with Eyeota

If you are seeking audience data solutions that are addressable, interoperable and certified for quality and compliance, Eyeota can help.

We provide seamless, consistent data delivery for advertisers and agencies, regardless of geographic location, industry, platform, or network.

We've envisioned a cookieless landscape, and know that the ability to access and implement high-quality, audience data for targeting will be critical for agencies and advertisers in the months and years ahead.

Eyeota is the leading global provider of audiences for insights, personalization and targeting, removing the barriers caused by data silos and integrating across all verticals, digital channels and categories.

Eyeota | Cookieless Technology

Eyeota fuses online and offline identifiers to create powerful audience targeting data for B2B and B2C brands to use for marketing and advertising on any digital channel.

The benefits of ID Agnostic Audience Targeting Data

Available for targeting consumers within any digital channel: Access Eyeota's audience targeting data within the major demand-side and supply-side platforms for advertising campaigns on audio, display, digital out-of-home, connected TV, mobile and social channels.

Global future-proof solutions: We build our solutions with an ID agnostic approach to identity using online IDs (first-party, mobile, deterministic, cohort, contextual and universal IDs) or offline geo-based ID at a global scale.

Privacy-Conscious: We ensure our customers have continued access to solutions regardless of the changes within our industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are audience profiles created?

Eyeota fuses qualified user identifiers to create audience profiles for brands to engage with their target consumers throughout each stage of the customer journey. Our proprietary onboarding methodology ensures the consistent provision of data globally and assures only privacy-compliant data enters our platform.

Has Eyeota’s data collection methodology been independently audited?

Eyeota's data has been independently audited to provide confidence and reassurance to buyers of its quality.

Neutronian provides a certification of quality and a compliance rating of audience data that includes everything buyers need to know about a dataset before using it such as sourcing, transparency, dataset characteristics, methodology and processing. Neutronian has rated Eyeota #1 for global data privacy in 2023.

IAB Tech Lab Data Transparency Label is intended to help marketers evaluate the quality of the audience data that they buy, including who provided the data, what audience segments are in datasets, how the segments were constructed and the original sources of the information.

Read more about our commitment to data quality

What audience data is available?

Eyeota has more than 50,000 audience data profiles available which are categorized by vertical, consumer lifestyle and seasonal events.

Arts and Sciences
B 2 B
Consumer Electronics
Health and Fitness
Holiday and Events
Home and Garden
Real Estate

How are audience data profiles classified?

The profiles are classified by the traits and personas that influence a consumers' path to purchase.

Past Purchase or Purchased
Product Owners
Socio Demographic

What branded audience data profiles are available?

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Where can I access Eyeota Audience Data profiles?

You can find Eyeota audience segments on all major DSPs and trading platforms.

What do the segments cost?

Contact our audience specialists at our data desk with your brief and they will help you with targeting and budgeting.

Case Studies

Luxury Auto Success Story

Eyeota's Segments Accelerate Brand Lift and Awareness by 81% for Luxury Auto Brand Campaign on Facebook

View Case Study

International Bank Success Story

Eyeota Helps International Bank Successfully Engage High-Net Worth Individuals Across Digital Channels While Reducing Cost Per Lead by 89%

View Case Study

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