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Enrich first-party data with Eyeota Audience Profiles to identify, reach and engage your current and future customers.

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Eyeota Enrich enables brands to augment their first-party data with qualified consumer traits and personas to transform loyalty and retention programmes, optimize acquisition strategies, and enhance digital marketing campaign engagement and performance.

Eyeota Enrich solves your first-party data challenges.


Enhance understanding, and identify new traits and characteristics of your existing customers by overlapping Eyeota Audience Profiles with first-party data in your data management platform.


Expand the reach and scale of your targetable customer base by modelling first-party data with Eyeota Audience Profiles.


Engage with existing and future customers in omnichannel environments by activating newly enriched audiences on digital display, video, mobile and social channels.

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Eyeota Enrich

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