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Struggling with sparse data and a lack of deep understanding and insight into what makes your customers and prospects tick?

Wondering how to expand your data for insights, personalization and prospecting while remaining compliant with restrictive privacy regulations?

Data enrichment can expand and support your existing first-party data, building a clearer picture of customer wants and needs. Armed with enriched data, digital marketers and brands can surface the driving factors behind customer behaviors and build out campaigns that meet customers where they are.

In a world where data regulation and the advent of a cookieless landscape are changing the face of digital marketing, Eyeota Enrich makes it possible for brands to augment their first-party data with qualified consumer traits and personas.

Enriched data helps drive transformation across marketing channels, empowering loyalty and retention programs, and optimizing customer acquisition strategies. With access to expanded datasets, marketers can improve and enhance their campaign engagement and performance.

How Eyeota Enrich Solves First-party Data Challenges

There are three steps to broadening your marketing scope and capability using Eyeota Enrich:

Identify what makes your customers unique

Your product or service has a unique selling point (USP) that makes it attractive to your target demographics. But what is it about your target audience that makes them so interested in what you have to offer?

Overlapping Eyeota Audience Profiles with first-party data in your own data management platform can help you enhance understanding of your existing customers, and identify the traits and characteristics that make them so incredibly valuable to your brand.

Reach new customers with the same attributes

Once you understand your existing customers, you can use that knowledge to find other consumers with the same unique traits and characteristics and build campaigns that reach more consumers on the same wavelength.

Modeling first-party data with Eyeota Audience Profiles naturally and holistically helps you expand the reach and scale of your targetable customer base, increasing revenues and gathering still more data that can be used to enrich existing profiles.

Engage with existing and future customers on a deeper level

Once you understand your existing and potential audiences, segmentation and targeted campaign building can begin. Using the newfound knowledge about your customer base allows you to develop campaigns that tie into their other interests.

Engage fully with your existing and future customers in omnichannel environments by activating your newly enriched audiences across multiple platforms, including digital display, video, mobile and social channels.

Level Up Your Marketing with Eyeota Enrich

Eyeota Enrich delivers the access and insights required to build out current customer profiles, develop similar audiences, and scale customer databases to optimize your marketing goals.

Customer Insights

Uncover insights and traits of your customers. Overlap your first-party data with Eyeota audiences to identify unique and shared traits of your customers.

Persona Profiling

Segment and profile customers into personas based on enriched customer insights from first-party data overlaps with Eyeota audiences.


Personalize messaging and content based on target audience characteristics to optimize the customer experience.

Lookalike Modeling

Build enriched lookalike model audiences based on customer personas traits, demographics and personas of your current customers to acquire similar prospects.

Prospecting & Targeting

Activate enriched lookalike model audiences in your demand side platform to engage with prospects and target customers across digital channels.

With data enrichment and audience modeling from Eyeota, it's easier than ever to grow your business and market more efficiently to new and existing customers.

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Further enrich your first-party data with Eyeota's branded data partners.

In addition to Eyeota's owned and operated data taxonomy, enrich your first-party data with exclusive Affinity Answers, ShareThis and Experian Worldview audience profiles.

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