Omnichannel Audience Targeting

Identify, reach, and engage your best future customers across audio, connected TV, display, digital out-of-home, mobile, retail and social media channels.

Eyeota Audiences fuse demographics, behavioral and psychographic attributes from qualified data providers to create unique audience segments. Activate qualified, privacy-compliant audience profiles with confidence for consistent cross-channel campaign targeting.

The benefits of activating Eyeota Audiences for Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

Optimize Campaign Delivery

Define an audience targeting strategy that includes sociodemographic traits, interests, and purchase-intent of your target audience to optimize delivery.

Improve Consumer Experience

Integrate diverse behavioral signals from digital, social, and offline environments to improve consumer experiences with your brand.

Tailor Brand Visibility

Ensure your brand products and services are relevant to your target future customers.

Achieve Greater ROI

Analyze and track the performance of audience responses by channel to finetune ongoing and future campaign investment.

Easily access Eyeota Audiences for Omnichannel campaigns

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How to activate Eyeota Audiences for Omnichannel campaigns

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How to activate Eyeota Audiences for Social campaigns

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The benefits of activating Audience Data for Omnichannel Campaigns

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