How to Opt-Out

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Opt-Out Information / Do Not Sell

Eyeota honors your choice with respect to how data is processed and your rights. California data subject may call the following toll-free number 1-866-I-OPT-OUT. Eyeota Service Code: 714

Different jurisdictions provide you with different rights. For example, in cases where the GDPR applies, EU data subjects have the right to object to certain forms of data processing and/or to withdraw their consent to such processing. Data subjects in the United States and many other places have the right to opt-out from ad targeting. California data subjects may opt-out from the “sale” of their data to third parties.

When you select to Opt Out, we will attempt to place a non-unique cookie on your browser which tells our systems to stop targeting ads to that browser and to cease processing of data with respect to that browser. This opt-out also tells our systems not to “sell” data under California law. Please note that you will still see advertisements online, however, these adverts may be less relevant because they won't be targeted by Eyeota based on your interests.

Please note that if you change your browser settings to block, delete and/or control the use of all third party cookies, it may negatively impact Eyeota’s ability to place an opt-out cookie on your browser. Also, if you use a different computer or device, you may need to renew your choice.


Other Ways to Opt-Out

Desktop and Laptop Computer:

Users can also exercise choice with respect to Eyeota's Platform Data collection via any one of the methods operated by certain advertising trade associations below:

Mobile Devices:

You can opt out from receiving targeted advertising based on data collected via applications on mobile devices by following the instructions from the device maker, e.g. (at the time this Notice was published):

  • Android: Open the Google Settings app > Ads
  • iOS 7 or higher: Choose Settings > Privacy > Advertising
  • iOS 6: Choose Settings > General > About > Advertising

Opting Out of Eyeota Website and Communications

You are entitled to opt-out from our marketing lists and databases at any time. If you wish to update or change any information previously provided to Eyeota via our website, please submit a request to update your details.

You may also request to delete any previously submitted information using the same form.


You can also unsubscribe from our email communications at any time, you may do so in the footer of any of our emails.

Please allow up to 72 hours for your contact details to be removed from our database. Please note, if you do decide to opt-out and you or your business have a contractual agreement with Eyeota regarding the provision of products or services, we may still be required to send you emails in regards to these services and to support our contractual obligations.

Note for EU data subjects. When we can reasonably see that a data subject is coming from the EU and has an Eyeota opt-out cookie on their browser, that tells our systems to stop processing data with respect to that browser.

Please refer to your web browser’s help documentation for more information for managing the use of cookies directly through the browser settings.

The lifespan of Eyeota’s choice cookie is 5 years if our opt-out cookie it is not deleted from the users’ browser.

If, at any time, you would like to opt-out of participating in this type of online interest-based advertising where the adverts you see can be based on your pseudonymised profile information, please go to the opt-out section of this policy.