Eyeota Cohort Onboarding

A consumer-friendly, privacy-safe and global approach that transforms data assets into addressable digital audiences to reach your best future customers.

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Balance Privacy, Precision, and Performance

In today's world, brands need the ability to bridge real-world insights into the digital space in order to communicate more effectively with their current and future customers, while balancing privacy, precision and performance.

Eyeota Cohort Onboarding Solves Marketer Challenges

Deliver New Customers

Activates siloed first-party data as digital audiences to target new customers that exhibit the same attributes as your existing customer base.

Globally Consistent

The only global onboarding solution that delivers consistent data onboarding for 40 markets across Americas, Asia, Oceania and Europe.

Flexible and Scalable

Enables multiple offline data sources and geolocation types to be onboarded and activated driving scale for targeting.


Optimizes customer attributes not personal data information such as name, email, address. Verified and compliant with privacy regulations including GDPR and CCPA.

Activate Data Assets for Digital Marketing


Brands collect a lot of valuable information to learn more about their customers and prospects. Eyeota enables brands and marketers to onboard audience cohorts of similar users that exist within first-party data assets and activate it consistently across global markets as digital audiences.

Research Data

Advanced syndicated audience segmentations created by experienced statisticians using multiple third-party data sources

Purchase Data

Anonymized and aggregated transactional data collected from credit card and merchant networks

Survey Data

Information collected via questionnaire from a sample of individuals in a systematic way

CRM Data

A customer's personal information combined with their interactions with a company including purchases which are collected by CRM systems

Loyalty & Rewards

A rewards program that encourages repeat purchases in exchange for vouchers and discounts

How It Works

Eyeota Onboarding is built with a privacy-first approach ensuring complete end-to-end security and safe handling of your data.

Onboarding infographic
Onboarding infographic
Onboarding infographic

Eyeota Cohort Onboarding

Use digital audience profiles to enrich customer intelligence, transform marketing efforts and achieve business goals.

Analytics and Insights

Overlap and compare digital profiles against wider customer data points to strengthen the holistic view of your target audience

Campaign Activation

Activate digital profiles for display, video and mobile advertising campaigns

Omnichannel Optimization

Optimize social marketing efforts by integrating digital profiles built from offline data signals and behaviors

Experience and Personalization

Leverage digital profiles to personalize website visitor experience and content


Unlock revenue opportunities by making your offline data available as qualified audience profiles in leading global buying platforms.

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Learn more about the data onboarding process, the types of data you can bring online and ways you can find new customers.

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Eyeota Cohort Onboarding Data Qualification Process

All Personally Identifiable Data such as name, address, and email is removed from your data.
Data is encrypted and uploaded via a secure process.
Data is matched to privacy-compliant online IDs to create addressable digital audiences.
Digital Audiences are populated in your chosen activation channel or data management platform.
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What are your data challenges?

Lacking first-party digital data?
Want to reach and acquire new customers?
Need a data onboarding tool that is privacy compliant with GDPR and CCPA?
Require data activation in multiple countries, regions and markets?

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