Eyeota Onboarding

Analyze, Plan and Activate Your Offline Data

We work with you to identify the optimal onboarding solution for your offline data set and business goals.

Not all data is created equally

The methods used by data owners to source and manage their data impacts reliability and accuracy. As data experts, Eyeota understands the diversity of data sources and has developed a unique, flexible and simplified global approach to data onboarding that generates accurate results while balancing the requirements of privacy, precision and performance.

Eyeota Heuristic Methodology

Applies the best and most relevant data match to deliver the most accurate audiences for targeting.

Delivers a more scalable solution or a solution where a 1:1 match is not possible.

Provides an equitable level of accuracy to 1:1 matched and modeled data sets.

Benefits of Heuristic

  • Privacy-compliant
  • Globally consistent
  • Flexible
  • Scalable
Onboarding infographic
Onboarding infographic
Onboarding infographic

Eyeota Onboarding Data Qualification Process

animated gauge icon

Data match quality assessment. Review data sources, determine scale and identify match keys.

icon of an animated check mark on a shield
Privacy & compliance checks. Data partner removes all Personal Data from files before sending to Eyeota.
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Non-personal data uploaded, encrypted & anonymized via a secure uploading process.

animated icon of two chain links coming together
Offline data mapped to privacy-compliant Eyeota online cookies using selected match keys.
animated icon of a circle inside a rectangle sliding back and forth
Audiences distributed to partner-selected DMPs/DSPs, Eyeota Audience Marketplace or to partner's own environment.

Control How and Where Your Data is Activated

1. Online Activation.

Eyeota maps your offline data with our digital keys and sends the data back to you.

2. Online Distribution.

For additional monetization opportunities, you can add your matched data to the Eyeota Audience Marketplace. You maintain control by selecting the buying platforms through which you want your data available.

3. Additional Feature - Data Enrichment.

Eyeota enriches your audience profiles with additional attributes before data activation.

Start activating your data today.

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