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Read the Data Quality Case Study
Read the Data Quality Case Study

If your platform is seeking to integrate with a global data marketplace with solutions for audience insights, personalization and targeting, Eyeota is the ideal solution. In a world rapidly moving toward a cookieless landscape, being able to access and leverage high-quality, addressable audience data is critical for ongoing commercial viability.

Eyeota stands out in the data marketplace, integrated across verticals and spanning all categories, even in traditionally siloed industries. We partner with the world's leading ad-buying platforms, trading desks, DSPs, DMPs, ad networks and social media platforms, enabling the seamless delivery of data solutions to brands and advertisers.

Our partners gain access to a wealth of data to better serve the needs of their customers. We create suites of audience profiles with different types of IDs that can meet demands posted by multiple verticals, consumer behaviors and campaign types. Eyeota is a true data partner, acting as a selling extension of your platform with full interoperability, tailored perfectly for your unique requirements.

Why Eyeota?

There are five key differentiators that make Eyeota stand out in the data marketplace:

Global reach

Available in 180+ markets across the Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Oceania, Eyeota has compiled the world’s largest selection of addressable solutions. We provide access to data from over 70 premium-branded data partners and deliver targeted data solutions from a vast depository of up-to-date targetable audience profiles.

Partnered brands, marketers and advertisers can leverage over 50,000+ audience profiles and persona segments covering 30+ vertical and seasonal targeting categories through the Eyeota Audience marketplace.

Holistic audience solutions for B2B and B2C brands

Our marketplace contains audiences created from a broad spectrum of rich data sources, including specific socio-demographic profiles; real-world, offline-generated behaviors; brand affinities and lifestyle interests; social sharing; and past-purchase and intent signals. This holistic approach delivers a 360-view of your target audiences.

The volume and scale of our marketplace gives access to big players like Experian, YouGov, Mastercard, and more. This vast dataset allows you to build tightly micro-segmented audiences for each campaign, increasing the level of success and ROI.

Ease of integration

Getting Eyeota data into your own platform is designed to be fast, easy and ready to go in time for your next campaign. Integration parameters are agreed to with your Eyeota contact, and can be customized per your platform limitations.

Our Data Operations team will validate the integration parameters and configure the delivery, then confirm successful receipt and processing of the data files and live integration is complete. We deliver matched key sets of data, making integration and operability easier than ever, and customization to meet your specific needs.

Future-proofed data

We create our audiences using technology powered by sustainable future-proof, user IDs. This means our data solutions are flexible and interoperable across channels, devices and environments. Our data is globally qualified by independent authorities, and can be used for analytics, enrichment, personalization and activation through your platform.

Most importantly, Eyeota data is prepared for the rapidly approaching demise of cookies. Branded audience data solutions powered by cookies will soon be gone for good. The rise of GDPR was a preview; companies that were unprepared or unable to comply with the new data protection legislation quickly folded.

Eyeota is committed to being sustainable and able to offer solutions at scale by staying a step ahead of the curve. To remain competitive, companies that rely on customer data to plan campaigns and drive revenues must act now and prepare to stay competitive. Eyeota is already there, with multiple IDs including IPs, connected TVs, mobile data and more.

We spent the last 18 months future-proofing our data solutions and creating an infrastructure that stays stable with third party data by category or customized parameters that aren’t dependent on cookies alone. We’re set up for success, and we’re ready to bring you with us into the cookieless future.

Unparalleled support

Eyeota provides dedicated support on the platform side, partnering internally with each agency team to deliver agnostic support and representation in the marketplace. You receive dedicated account management for your platform, and a market facing sales team-driving revenues for our data and solutions within your platform.

Our data desk is far more than a traditional, generic help center. It’s a fully functional extension of a 24-hour customer support line, and we have audience specialists located globally, ready to respond. Our on the ground sales teams continuously support the biggest and largest agencies and advertising groups around the world.

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