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Read the Data Quality Case Study
Read the Data Quality Case Study

Have you hit a wall with your first-party data?

The data and marketing landscapes have been changing rapidly over the past few years, from tighter regulations and legislation for data privacy and security, and shifts in how data is collected, identified and used.

If you've already invested heavily in data for your brand's marketing efforts, but are finding it hard to scale, the answer could be Eyeota. More than a third-party data provider, we enrich and expand your first-party data to improve insights, personalization and targeting capabilities.

No matter where you obtained your data solution from and how big your brand is, you can still find it challenging to leverage the full power of your data and scale it over time.

First-party data can vary in quantity and quality. If your data technology isn't delivering on expectations, the problem likely isn't with your technology at all – it's with your data and how it's being used.

Imagine your data technology and analytics solution being a high-performance car. If you're not putting the right fuel in it, it's not going to deliver the experience you're expecting. With Eyeota Enrich, we enhance your first-party data with Eyeota Audience Profiles to identify, reach and engage your current and future customers.

How it works

Eyeota Enrich empowers your brand to augment existing first-party data with qualified consumer traits and personas and solve your first-party data challenges. By overlapping Eyeota Audience Profiles with first-party data in your data management platform, we can enhance understanding, and identify new traits and characteristics of your existing customers.

Once you've expanded reach and scale of your targetable customer base by modeling first-party data with Eyeota Audience Profile, you can continue to engage in omnichannel environments, activating your newly enriched audiences on digital display, mobile, social and video channels to transform digital marketing campaign performance.


You already have offline first-party-data and data management technology. What you're missing is a data strategic initiative to take the data you have and activate it online for your marketing needs. Cohort Onboarding creates bespoke customer segments built on your best customers, pushed to any platform of your choice.

It's the ideal way to take your existing offline data assets, augment your use and benefits for your digital marketing needs.

How it works

Eyeota Cohort Onboarding is a consumer-friendly, privacy-safe and global approach focused on transforming your data assets to reach your best future customers. We can activate siloed first-party data as digital audiences, making it possible to target new customers that exhibit the same attributes.

Our scalable, flexible strategy enables multiple offline data sources and geolocation types to be onboarded and activated, optimizing customer attributes in accordance with globally recognized privacy regulations. Every piece of data is verified, anonymized, encrypted and then populated for targeting that is both highly segmented and fully scalable.


Why Eyeota?

Available across the Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle-East and Oceania, Eyeota has compiled the world's largest selection of addressable solutions. Partnered brands, marketers and advertisers can leverage over 50,000 audience profiles and persona segments covering 30+ targeting categories.

Eyeota audiences are created based on rich data sources from vast datasets, using technology powered by sustainable, future-proof, different IDs, including IPs, connected TVs, mobile data and more. Our data is globally qualified by independent authorities, flexible and interoperable across channels, devices and environments, and can be used for analytics, personalization and activation both on and off your platform.

Worried about the advance of a "cookieless future?" Eyeota has meticulously future-proofed our data solutions, with a robust, stable infrastructure independent of the type of data or ID being utilized. We help you expand, enhance, and empower your existing first party data, to build tightly micro-segmented audiences for all of your marketing initiatives, fully optimizing your data for maximized ROI.


Need support?

Our market-facing sales team is an extension of your own, helping you optimize your data and leverage all of the benefits associated with data enrichment and enhancement. Whether you're a big brand trying to figure out why your expensive data technology isn't delivering on expectations, or a boutique brand ready to scale, Eyeota can help.

Our data desk acts as a fully functional extension of a 24-hour customer support line, and our ready-to-respond audience specialists span the globe. On the ground sales teams are continually innovating to bring out-of-the box solutions in rapidly shifting localized regulatory landscapes, keeping you compliant and scaling through every shift.

Ready to begin activating your first party data in ways you didn't realize were possible — without purchasing yet another data technology solution?

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