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Eyeota Accelerates Brand Lift and Awareness by 81% for Luxury Auto Brand Campaign on Facebook

The Challenge

A luxury automaker released its new electric vehicle and wanted to generate interest among high-net worth individuals (HNWI). Their agency turned to Eyeota to build an audience profile that would reach auto intenders as well as HNWI.

The Solution

Eyeota worked with the brand’s ad agency to build a custom audience profile for targeting that combined Eyeota income and socio-demographic audience data alongside an Experian Worldview segment called “Consumer Types - A City Advantage.”

The ad agency uploaded the segment to Facebook and ran a series of video campaigns to test Eyeota’s custom audience profile versus Facebook’s native user interest targeting capabilities. After the ad agency ran the auto brand’s campaign on Facebook, the agency surveyed users on ad recall to measure effectiveness. The survey asked Facebook users who saw the ad if they remembered seeing the ad for the luxury brand’s electric vehicle, offering three possible answers: Yes, No, or Not Sure.

The Results

Facebook users in the Eyeota group showed an above 81% chance of lift in ad recall versus users targeted using Facebook interest targeting. This was significantly above the agency’s benchmark in the Asia Pacific market.

81+% Ad Recall Lift

The campaign also revealed key demographics within the target audience. The ad successfully engaged with people between the ages of 35-44 and 55-64.

Campaign awareness also resonated with a female audience, generating a potential brand uplift of 90% or greater. The successful campaign performance and additional audience insights enabled the ad agency to provide even more strategic recommendations to the auto brand on future campaigns.

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