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Audience Data Sessions: Q&A with Experian ANZ

By: David Mason, Sales & Product Director of Marketing Services


Can you introduce yourself and your audience solutions?
I’m David Mason, the Sales and Product Director of Experian Marketing Services. I’vebeen with Experian for over 15 years and can say Experian really understand the challenges with extracting value from data. Obtaining value from data is where we particularly enjoy helping our many clients, whether it’s enriching first party data or providing insights to help drive your marketing dollar further.
Experian Digital Audience Solutions are built from a range of online and offline data sources to ensure a holistic view of the population. This empowers brands to truly understand, segment and communicate with their key demographics.


Our Australian taxonomy is made up of audience descriptors covering demographic, geographic, interest, behaviour, capability, and intent signals. Employing next generation Machine Learning models to intelligently segment the population at a household level, these audiences can be linked to digital channels using our extensive linkage data spine including all major digital identifiers.

Our audiences are available in over 60 digital destinations, enabling brands to run truly omnichannel campaigns with holistic audience strategies across the digital ecosystem.



Why have you partnered with Eyeota?


Eyeota has been one of our major audience onboarding partners for many years.

Eyeota’s breadth of partnerships and strong presence in the market enables us to make our audiences available across the digital ecosystem. This ensures our clients can access consistent audience segments across the platforms they are already using for marketing and gives us greater exposure across a broader range of businesses.

In which markets do you operate?
Experian Marketing Services operates in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, North America, and Brazil.



Can you discuss the importance of audience data in today’s digital advertising landscape?

In today’s world, brands have ever increasing amounts of data relating to their customers and prospects. Meanwhile, consumers are expecting a whole lot more from the reputable brands they interact with. Obtaining cut through and grabbing a person’s attention is the hardest it has ever been.

This is why understanding your digital audience, and how you’re able to reach them has become the holy grail.

If that doesn’t illustrate the challenge brands are facing, consider:

  • Consumers are using more digital platforms than ever before
  • Consumers are exposed to an ever-increasing number of Ads, thousands in a day
  • Consumers are having to tighten their spending as the cost of living continues to rise, re-evaluating what they buy, when, and from which brands.
  • Lastly, the Advertiser has increasing pressure to show a greater ROI.

So how does an Advertiser navigate this kind of environment?

By ensuring relevance across all key criteria; with the right messaging being delivered, at the right time, on the right platform, and most importantly to the right recipient.There’s no point meeting half the criteria and then having a communication that falls short on relevant messaging.

This is how Experian’s Marketing Services can help you to navigate the challenging environment and deliver an increased ROI on your Marketing spend.



How can businesses leverage data to improve advertising strategies?
To achieve the best results possible, data, both first-party and third-party, should be applied consistently across your marketing activities.

From understanding your current and potential customers, appropriately and responsibly segmenting them, activating these audiences across channels and measuring the success of your campaigns, data plays a crucial role in all areas of marketing.


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