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Audience Data Sessions Q&A with EQ Data

By: Jamie Steele, Principal Consultant at EQ Data

Jamie Steele EQ Data

In our Q&A with Equiniti Data, Principal Consultant Jamie Steele underlines the importance of values such as security and compliance when dealing with unique people data. Read more now to learn how marketers and brands can use EQ Data audiences for their campaigns.


Can you introduce yourself, your role and responsibilities?

I’m Jamie Steele and I’m the Principal Consultant at EQ Data, with key responsibilities for the delivery of audience segments tuned to the needs of the marketer. I also provide data informed strategy through analytics and data science methodologies, calling on many years of experience in the data world. Working with cutting edge technology is one of the highlights of my job, and our Eyeota partnership allows me to bring that motivation to a successful and enjoyable outcome, also enabling brands to achieve their marketing goals.  


EQ Data is described as a trusted, strategic partner for customer data solutions, can you share more information about your business?

Our focus is on people and the data attributes that describe them. Providing an agnostic approach to data validation and verification, we build connections for businesses to be able to access a variety of data sources seamlessly and in real time. ​As the people data experts, our ethos on security and compliance is second to none. 


Why have you chosen to partner with Eyeota?

Our partnership with Eyeota is an exciting one. With EQ Data’s experience in dealing with people data, the partnership presented an opportunity to extend the reach of our datasets to a whole new audience. Furthermore, Eyeota shares our values when it comes to people data. 


How are EQ Data audiences relevant for brands and advertisers?

EQ Data has been building audiences for use both on and offline for the past decade – what makes our datasets unique is the types of information we collect, and the use of data science to model that data to a postcode in the most sophisticated ways. This allows us to produce audiences at scale, which are based on trusted and reliable data sources and methodologies.


How should marketers best use EQ Data audiences?

We build our audiences with a marketer’s mindset – in doing so, we create audiences that meet the briefs and requirements for the campaigns they are running. We would always recommend that our audiences are tested first, with small volumes. If companies are looking to be more revolutionary, I would invite them to get in touch with Eyeota directly - a combination of our data and modelling capability, combined with Eyeota’s linkage and expertise, uniquely positions us to deliver something exceptional in the online space.


With Eyeota, EQ Data audiences are available in the UK for omnichannel campaign activation on display, mobile and social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat. For more information about EQ Data, connect with an audience specialist today at