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How To Enhance Your Social Marketing Strategy With Audience Data

By: Rilee Sellers, Demand Account Executive at Eyeota

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Social media marketing is the second-biggest market in digital advertising, coming in right behind search. What started out as a niche market that was primarily organic, social spend is expected to hit $56 billion in 2022, and worldwide, the projected annual growth rate for social media advertising is nearly 10%.

Bottom line: if your organization isn’t leveraging social media advertising, it’s behind the curve. However, many marketers are wondering how to expand their reach into social media. The answer is Eyeota Audience Data on social, bringing the same robust audience data that works in other programmatic channels to social platforms and unifying your company’s advertising efforts with an omnichannel presence.


Why Utilize Audience Data for Social Media Marketing?

Without specific demographic or behavioral targeting built on a foundation of high-quality audience data, putting money toward social ads may be ineffective to reach the right target customer. Understanding how to leverage audience data to grow reach on social and segment audiences for more effective targeting could likely increase the returns and improve conversions. 

Nearly 60% of the global population uses social media. This includes 9 out of 10 internet users. The majority of social media spend (80%) is on Facebook, but with $56 billion in play, that leaves a substantial dollar amount on the table for leveraging on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and (increasingly) Snapchat and TikTok.

A total of 3 out of 4 consumers buy products they have seen in a social media post. Social media is the new word of mouth, and consumer trust for the brands they buy from is consistently climbing. Being able to connect and engage with consumers on social media is crucial to remaining competitive. However, defining an effective audience targeting strategy for social media campaigns can often be difficult when it is based on data generated by a consumer's social channel activity alone. 


Enhancing Your Audience Targeting on Social with Eyeota 

Eyeota fuses online behaviors and offline-generated signals to create B2B and B2C audience profiles brands can leverage to engage with their target consumers throughout each stage of the customer journey, including on social media. By deploying audience data from Eyeota branded partners on social media, you can develop deeper insights into your core customer base and reach new customers with the same attributes. 

Gain a stronger view of your target audience by integrating different consumer behavioral signals such as offline purchase behaviors, socio-demo traits, and store location proximities typically not available in social channels.

The benefits of combining audience activation across both social and programmatic advertising channels enable brands and marketers to:

  • Maintain consistency across multi-channel audience targeting
  • Track audience-level frequency
  • Benchmark audience response results for future campaign planning

Segment and define your audience targeting strategy, then activate it across digital display, video, mobile and social channels for omnichannel audience engagement that is consistent and ongoing.

Tailor and optimize brand visibility to ensure that the many features and benefits of your brands' products and solutions are both visible and relevant to your target demographics across digital and social channels.

Fine-tune future campaign tactics and channel investments and achieve greater campaign results and ROI by analyzing and tracking the performance of your audience engagements.


Benefits of Eyeota Audiences

Eyeota helps your business build a 360-view of your target customer and optimize social advertising by accessing: 

  • 50,000+ audience profiles from lifestyle, brand-affinity, interest traits, to intent, past-purchase, demographics personas that influence the consumers’ path to purchase. 
  • More than 70 premium-branded audience data solutions including Dun & Bradstreet, GfK, Experian, Mastercard, YouGov and many more.
  • 35+ vertical and seasonal targeting categories, including verticals that have historically been difficult to leverage data for.
  • Data that is available globally and is compliant with GDPR and CCPA, and helping to future-proof your approach to digital advertising.

By giving you the ability to leverage audience data on social platforms, Eyeota makes it possible to develop larger, even more highly targeted campaigns than ever. You can deploy social media advertising campaigns that encourage engagements and conversions, and drive revenues across channels with increased brand consistency.

Accessing Eyeota audiences through your preferred social platform is easy. There is no development knowledge or back end work needed to activate Eyeota Audience Data for your social campaigns. Our teams will guide you to complete a social audience activation agreement, then simply select your best matched Eyeota audiences and start powering your social channel campaigns.

Are you ready to activate Eyeota B2B and B2C audience solutions for enhanced consumer targeting on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter? Speak to an audience specialist today.

For more information on leveraging audience data for social media marketing, visit our dedicated page or download our infographic.