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Defining an effective audience targeting strategy for social media campaigns can often be difficult when it is based on data generated by a consumer's social channel activity alone.
Brands can invest in audience profiles built with consumer behavior from offline, mobile, and digital channels, creating a stronger view of their desired customers for a more effective audience targeting strategy for their social campaigns.

Discover the audience profiles you need to engage with your best future customers

Eyeota fuses qualified user identifiers to create audience profiles for brands to engage with their target consumers throughout each stage of the customer journey.
Leverage over 50,000 audience profiles across 35+ vertical and seasonal targeting categories covering attitudinal personas, lifestyle-interest, purchase-intent, socio-demographic variables, past-purchase, location-proximity and more to enrich engagement with their best future customers on social channels.

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How to enhance social media marketing with audience data

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The benefits of using audience traits and personas for your social campaigns

Gain a stronger view of your target audience 
Integrate different consumer behavioral signals e.g. offline purchase behaviors, socio-demo traits, or store location proximities that are not available in social channels to build a better view of your target audience.
Engage audiences consistently
Segment and define an audience targeting strategy and activate it across digital display, video, mobile and social channels for consistent audience engagement.

Tailor and optimize brand visibility 
Ensure the features and benefits of your brands' products and solutions are visible and relevant to the right target audience across digital and social channels.

Achieve greater campaign results and ROI
Analyze and track the performance of your audience engagement to finetune future campaign tactics and channel investments.

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Our Audience Specialist team can build a custom audience engagement strategy to achieve your marketing campaign goals across display, video, mobile and social channels.

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