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Audience Data Sessions with Alliant

By: Chris Morse, Director of Digital Partnerships at Alliant

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Eyeota caught up with Alliant's Director of Digital Partnership, Chris Morse, to find out how Alliant is preparing for the cookieless identity landscape and what opportunities and challenges they see for digital marketing and data in 2022. To check out our previous interview with Chris and read more about Alliant data and how they can help brands and marketers click here.


How has our partnership evolved in 2021?

Eyeota and Alliant have a shared vision in bringing best-of-breed data to platforms, brands, and advertisers. This alignment led to the launch of our first set of exclusive audiences in years. It is our first and only exclusive offering for credit card-based audiences in the exciting key verticals of Gaming and Insurance. It is still in its early days but kicking that off in 2021 was fantastic and brands are already seeing huge wins from this unique data!

Eyeota was also one of our first partners to meet in-person after over a year of isolation. It was great to reconnect after so much time apart, helping us work through strategic visions and goals for growing the partnership.


How is Alliant preparing for a cookieless audience and identity landscape?

While Alliant continues to evolve our product roadmap, we welcome the shift away from a cookie, to a more privacy-focused and stable identifier. Alliant is not dependent on digitally sourced data as our core asset is based on known, deterministic transactional behavior. We are continually building in more flexibility within our identity map and have fully integrated with two premier identity frameworks in Unified ID 2.0 and RampID.


What are your general predictions for digital marketing/advertising in 2022?

2022 is going to continue to be about CTV. We have all seen the rapid transition, but now that 40% of US homes are only reachable via CTV, it will have to be a focal point for marketers everywhere. There’s a perception that CTV is great, but that there’s not always enough scale. Alliant sees this as an opportunity for the industry—and Alliant. Our audiences are at scale and can be applied to fine-tune reach for specific CTV audiences. 


How about data in 2022 – what do you see as the biggest opportunities/challenges? 

First-party data is a critical area that brands will continue to focus on, and it is key to growing existing business. What I’m excited about in 2022 is that we will see the industry grow to realize that their idea of “first- versus third-party data” is doing a disservice to growth. Many brands sit on a lot of valuable first-party data, but without partner data, they likely know very little about the majority of their customers. Everyone has become accustomed to building lookalike models using first-party data, but additional data is needed to model against in order to identify a net new audience. As we see a more tangible application of first-party data, I think we’ll see the acknowledgement of the need for quality sources other than just first-party.



With Eyeota, Alliant audiences are available in the US for omnichannel campaign activation on Amazon, display, mobile and social channels including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For more information about Alliant audiences, connect with an audience specialist today at