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Audience Data Sessions with Stirista

By: Megan Lambert, Director of Digital Data Products at Stirista

We recently had a chance to speak with Megan Lambert, Director of Digital Data Products at Stirista about what sets Stirista apart as a data provider and what trends she thinks marketers should be keeping an eye out for.

What makes Stirista data unique?

Stirista is on a constant quest to provide the most accurate and frequently refreshed data possible. We are diligently working with third-party validation companies to improve the accuracy of our datasets. Our Identity graph, OMNA, provides the ability to target prospects with the most relevant online identifiers, updated in real-time.

Additionally, transparency is extremely important to us. We provide our audiences in a clear and concise manner with detailed segment descriptions that include specific data sourcing information. We are happy to share the ingredients for our audience segment recipes, so marketers understand what parameters are in place for each audience. 

Lastly, and presumably most relevant right now, our identity graph was built to be completely cookieless. Whether it's activating directly on platforms, or licensing digitally addressable identifiers like MAIDs and IPs, advertisers get higher match rates, more accuracy, and more scale with Stirista's digital identity data.


How can your data help brands and advertisers?

Stirista’s data helps brands and advertisers reach targets in a more relevant way, from first touch to mid-to-lower funnel.  Our vast array of data sets provide increased precision and knowledge about consumers to help optimize ROI with less wasted impressions at the top of the funnel. Stirista’s digital audiences help brands and advertisers reach more valuable prospects who are much closer to conversion than the people being hit with an awareness campaign at the top of the funnel. 

Also, our real-time updating IP addresses make sure marketers aren't wasting valuable ad spend on outdated information. Having frequently updated, real-time data, with the most recent intent qualifiers helps advertisers minimize waste and maximize performance. 


Are there any updates to our partnership this year?

Yes! Our Stirista Instant Intent dataset gives brands and agencies the ability to utilize consumer insights that are observed within the desired time frame. Updated in real-time, utilizing billions of transactions, our Instant Intent audiences enable marketers to have access to specific device information, CTV viewership habits, app user data, and online content consumption.

We feel that the most relevant signal for driving sales is intent data. Intent data is the set of behavioral signals, or actions taken, that show the intention of your prospects to make a purchase. They may be searching for products, reviews, services, pricing, etc, or just consuming content adjacent to what they’re about to purchase. All of this activity leaves a digital “wake” behind them. This trail indicates that the prospect is about 2/3 of the way on their journey to making a purchase decision. At this point, a marketing or sales team can take a more personalized approach to join the prospect on the final leg of their journey.


What are your predictions for digital marketing/advertising and data in 2022?

I think brands will be significantly increasing data strategy and analytics budgets focused on enhancing their first-party data and the way it fuels organizational decisions. We conducted surveys in the last 6 months that tell us advertisers are interested in learning more about their customers and being able to have better attribution through enhanced first-party data. 

The ability to be addressable with your audience, optimize relevance, and attribute against that addressability is becoming more important than ever. The use of device graphs and identity data allows for increased addressability. This gives advertisers the power to measure delivery and results of marketing efforts and how it impacts their bottom line.

Advertisers are under constant pressure to grow from previous years and one way to do that has always been to look at new tactics. But instead of chasing the next new big thing, perhaps they will take a step back and look at their own data. Is their company utilizing first-party data assets to the fullest potential? What do they currently know about their customers? What do they wish they knew about their customers? This line of thinking will lead to a bigger reliance on first-party CRM data. I see companies investing more money in enhancing their first-party data, including the use of 3rd party attributes overlaid on their existing CRM data.



With Eyeota, Stirista audiences are available in the US for omnichannel campaign activation on Amazon, display, mobile, and social channels including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For more information about Stirista audiences, connect with an audience specialist today at