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Audience Data Sessions: Q&A with Pure.amplify

By: Ernest Lo, Programmatic Operations Lead at Pure.amplify

In our latest Q&A we get to know Pure.amplify, leading specialists in data-driven digital advertising who have recently partnered with Eyeota. Programmatic Operations Lead, Ernest Lo sheds some light on the best use for Pure.amplify audiences, changing consumer behavior insights, and their positioning and expectations for the evolving AdTech landscape.


Pure.amplify is known for delivering high-impact digital campaigns built on bespoke first-party data - can you share any insights into changing consumer behaviors in the last 12 months?

Over the past year, we’ve been keeping an extremely close eye on changing consumer behaviours and sentiment across the world. By conducting weekly ‘quick-dip’ research we’ve been able to track, and begin to understand, these changes in real-time. To name a few, we’ve noticed marked shifts in how people choose to spend their time online, where they consume their news and which media channels they interact with on a daily basis. We’ve also seen a complete overhaul in our priorities, especially in terms of how we approach making big financial decisions. And, despite an enormous uplift in online shopping, economic uncertainties have led to a higher prioritisation of savings.


What makes Pure.amplify’s insights unique?

For more than 20 years, our parent brand, Pureprofile, has provided clients with ammunition to make better business decisions through powerful, timely insights. Pureprofile’s online market research community consists of highly engaged, demographically diverse global consumers.
At Pure.amplify, we create high-performing digital advertising audiences based on first-party, declared data. Having real-time insights at our fingertips empowers our clients to be able to adapt to the constant shifts in consumer demand.


Why have you chosen to partner with Eyeota?

Eyeota’s commitment to delivering high-quality digital audiences has been the primary driving force of our partnership. The combination of our first-party data and Eyeota’s powerful platform will give more brands the opportunity to reach the right audiences.


How should marketers best use Pure.amplify’s audiences?

Our audiences aren’t built on digital behaviours or demographic information alone - our point of difference is that we incorporate real thoughts, opinions and preferences provided from consumers directly. This unique approach to audience creation gives marketers full confidence that their message is being delivered to the right people.

These are just some of the verticals we have custom-built audiences for:
● Charities & Not-for-profits
● Financial services
● Agriculture
● Education
● Healthcare


What is Pure.amplify’s positioning in the identity and cookieless landscape?

Despite posing a big challenge for digital advertisers, we believe the “cookiepocalypse” is actually an overwhelmingly positive development for our industry - and a big step in the right direction as more consumers question how their data is being used.
For years, we have been helping our clients move away from relying on third-party cookies. With the tools and technology we have put in place, we are perfectly positioned to deliver the cookieless solutions that the industry needs to thrive. In the process, we remain dedicated to making data more relevant and more tailored to the specific needs of our clients.


What are the opportunities for marketers using data in 2021?

Now that Google has delayed its move to remove third-party cookies to 2023, marketers have been given an enormous opportunity to create a robust first-party data ecosystem. To do this, businesses will need to utilise the best possible technology to build a solid framework for the evolving ad targeting landscape.
With additional time to develop these networks, we can create dynamic systems that connect brands to their audiences in a way that not only honours consumers’ right to privacy - but also uses the insights necessary to deliver messaging that resonates.



With Eyeota, Pure.amplify audiences are available in Australia and New Zealand for omnichannel campaign activation on display, mobile and social channels including Facebook and Instagram. For more information about Pure.amplify, connect with an audience specialist today at