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Audience Data Sessions: Q&A with smrtr

By: Boris Guennewig, CTO & Co-Founder, smrtr

Boris Guennewig
Eyeota talks to Boris Guennewig, CTO & Co-Founder at smrtr, to learn more about the insight into customers that their transactional data provides for brands and advertisers in Australia. Read the Q&A now to find out what makes smrtr data unique, their predictions around digital marketing in 2022 and more!


Can you introduce yourself, your role and responsibilities?

Hi, I’m Boris Guennewig. At smrtr I lead all data, analytics and technology, taking an idea from concept to market, and the product lifecycle management of our portfolio of data performance and data insights products.

smrtr is described as a data analytics and commercialisation business, can you share more information about your business?

smrtr bridges the gap between companies that need more insight into their customers and markets and companies that wish to compliantly commercialise their latent first-party data. We bring together rich transactional, behavioural, location and geo-demographic datasets about Australian consumers that our clients use to understand and improve communication with their customers. We offer off-the-shelf descriptive and predictive data products and customised solutions.

What makes your data unique?

At smrtr we aggregate industry-based transaction data from our supplier network, including data on Consumer Spending, Automotive, Real Estate, Financial Services, Device Usage & Location and Demographics. We connect this data in our smrtr Universe, meaning smrtr can offer data that is greater than its individual parts.

How can your data help brands and advertisers?

Our marketing performance products are developed using industry-based transactional data. They help our customers target audiences of consumers that are interested in their products and services. For example we have data on circa 50% of all automotive purchases in Australia over the past 5 years.

Are there any updates to our partnership this year?

smrtr maintains a comprehensive identity graph of linkages. Recent updates at Eyeota mean that we can now make our data audiences available at both a more granular geographical area level and MAID level enabling our audiences to be more easily connected to platforms and DMPs. We have also introduced powerful new segments that are based on actual transactional behaviour in Automotive and Retail Spending.

What are your predictions for digital marketing/advertising and data in 2022?

I anticipate that there will be further disruption beyond the removal of third-party cookies and privacy changes from the likes of Apple iOS and Google. This means that consumers will have more control over what data they share and who has access to it than ever before. At smrtr we respect consumer privacy: our audiences are based on cohorts of individuals with similar characteristics and behaviours, as opposed to linked to known individual transactions. I predict that there will be more innovation and creativity; a rise in contextual advertising and focus on longer term brand building; more focus on relationships with the customer with a clear value exchange and consent management; a rise in paywalls, subscription services and general authentication; and finally, unique data partnerships and company collaborations to pit against the walled-gardens of Facebook and Google.

With Eyeota, smrtr audiences are available in Australia for omnichannel campaign activation on
display, mobile and social channels including Facebook and Instagram. For more information about smrtr, connect with an audience specialist today at