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Social: Social Targeting Success Stories: How Two Auto Brands Made Audience Data Work for Them

By: Gerard Gleeson, Senior Director of EMEA Agency Sales

Brands are seeking new and improved ways to leverage the power of social media, as each platform has transformed from its original organic state to a pay-to-play format. Eyeota is helping brands to stand out in this increasingly competitive space by providing innovative solutions for brands looking to expand their advertising footprint and increase ad spend across social media channels.

Here are two recent examples of how we worked with leading auto brands to do just that.


Finding In-Market Consumers on Facebook

An automaker wanted to reach Facebook users intending to purchase SUVs. The brand had used Facebook’s native user targeting solution, but it was having trouble finding in-market consumers.

 To overcome this challenge, Eyeota collaborated with the brand’s agency to create a custom profile that combined first-party data with Eyeota audiences. The agency ran video campaigns to test the new targeting strategy. The enriched audience profile, powered by the brand’s first-party data and Eyeota audience data, was the clear winner of the head-to-head campaign test, demonstrating:

  • Higher View Rate: The campaign using Eyeota’s custom segment saw a 33 percent view rate, while the campaign using Facebook’s native targeting solution had a 20-25 percent view rate.
  • Lower Cost Per Click (CPC): The CPC for the campaign leveraging the Eyeota segment was just 75 cents, 55% lower than the average CPC for the native Facebook campaign ($1.75).
  • Higher Click-Through Rate (CTR): The campaigns powered by the Eyeota segment saw a 4 percent CTR. The average CTR for the campaigns using Facebook’s native targeting was under 1.5 percent.

As brands look for new ways to use data to reach their target audience, this success story highlights that enriching first-party data with qualified third-party audiences in a secure platform environment can create more opportunities to connect with prospects.


Accelerating Brand Lift and Awareness

In a separate client engagement, Eyeota worked with a luxury automaker that wanted to generate interest for its new electric vehicle among high net worth individuals (HNWI) and auto intenders. Eyeota collaborated with the brand’s agency to build a custom profile combining income and socio-demographic with Experian data. Then, the agency ran a series of Facebook video campaigns to test Eyeota’s audience profile against Facebook’s native targeting capabilities. Ultimately, Facebook users in the Eyeota group showed an 81 percent lift in ad recall versus users targeted using Facebook interest targeting.

Eyeota delivers on the qualified audience data that brands need to effectively scale. As these brands discovered, these audiences can make it possible to broaden reach for maximum social spend ROI.


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