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Social: 4 Simple Steps to Better Social Marketing and Advertising

By: Cassie Schultz, Senior Agency Account Manager

Brands seeking to target prospects on social media are often hampered due to the limitations of social channel data. The overwhelming amount of data available from social media users can seem almost unlimited, but defining an effective audience targeting strategy for social media campaigns can prove difficult when based solely on data that has been generated by a consumer’s social channel activity. Social channel data provides user information specific to their social media activity, such as connections and location. Outside that, however, there is very little knowledge of the customer and what their other interests, demographics, wants and needs might be.

Without strategic demographic targeting founded on high-quality audience data, spending on social ads may be ineffective to reach the right target customers. Understanding how to leverage audience data to grow reach on social media and segment audiences for more effective targeting can help increase social media marketing effectiveness and allow businesses to rapidly scale their reach.

Third-party data can be used as a complement to first-party data or social channel data to help marketers create a deeper understanding of their desired customers. Eyeota makes it possible to develop more highly targeted audiences than ever and drive increased brand consistency for superior social marketing results.

Here are the four key steps we’ve identified to better social media advertising and marketing:


  1. Enhance targeting

Enhanced audience profiles can help brands tap into consumer behavioural traits not available from social channels, including:

  • Brand affinities
  • Lifestyle interests
  • Offline purchase behaviors
  • Socio-demo traits
  • Store location proximities


  1. Maintain a consistent message cross-channel

 Leveraging these enhanced audience profiles, brands can activate a consistent cross-channel advertising strategy across:

  • Audio
  • CTV
  • Programmatic display
  • Mobile
  • Social channels


  1. Optimize customer and prospect needs

Brands can use audience data on all targeted digital and social channels to present the features and benefits of their brands as relevant to their target demographics. They’re also able to enhance visibility across channels and platforms for renewed growth.


  1. Achieve greater campaign results and ROI

With audience data, brands can analyze and track the performance of their audience engagements to fine-tune future campaign tactics and channel investments and achieve greater campaign results and ROI.


Deploying audience data from Eyeota-branded partners on social media allows you to develop deeper insights into your core customer base, while identifying, targeting and crafting messaging for new customer segments who share your existing base’s attributes. Ready to activate Eyeota B2B and B2C audience solutions for enhanced marketing on social media channels? Connect with an audience specialist today at