Eyeota Partners with S&P Global Mobility to Launch Extensive Collection of Purchase-Based Automotive Segments

By: Eyeota

Collaboration delivers 500 targeted automotive audience segments across key markets, providing valuable insights for advertisers.

Eyeota, a Dun & Bradstreet company and a trusted global source of data for digital marketing, today announced a strategic partnership with Polk Automotive Solutions, from S&P Global Mobility, a trusted provider of automotive data and insights. This collaboration will enable Eyeota to launch 500 purchase-based automotive segments across key markets, including Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain. With approximately 100 segments per market, this extensive offering will provide media buyers, agencies, and direct brands with valuable insights and targeting capabilities.


The new audience segments, developed through the partnership, will cover five primary ownership categories:

  • Price Class
  • Fuel Type
  • Make
  • Model
  • Segment


These segments will include aggregated, anonymized data from all makes and the top 50 models for each country, effectively allowing advertisers to reach their target audience based on specific automotive preferences.


"We are excited to partner with S&P Global Mobility to offer these insightful automotive audiences," said Ryan Sussan, Director of Strategic Data Partnerships at Eyeota. "By leveraging their vast expertise and data assets available through their Polk Automotive Solutions, we can provide media buyers, agencies, and direct brands with a comprehensive set of segments to optimize their advertising campaigns."


It is important to note that these purchase-based automotive audiences do not include "in-market" timing or the ability to predict individual purchase behavior, instead providing valuable insights and targeting opportunities for advertisers based on past purchases and vehicle ownership, Eyeota's integration and distribution of Polk Audiences offers significantly more scale, making it easier for advertisers seeking high-quality automotive buyers.


The Polk Automotive Solutions portfolio from S&P Global Mobility boasts a wealth of information on vehicle purchases, parts, service, warranty, and other core data assets that auto brands rely on for decision-making and is renowned in the industry for its comprehensive and accurate automotive information and market insights.


"As the world transitions to electric vehicles, auto marketers need to have strategic targeting solutions to connect with all types of car shoppers” said David Kaufman, executive director, business development and partnerships for S&P Global Mobility. “Working with Eyeota we are able to extend our reach in these important international markets and provide media buyers, agencies, and direct brands with greater insights and options so they can connect more effectively with their audiences."


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