Eyeota Strengthens Partnership With Adform And ID5 To Enable Cookieless Audience Targeting

By: Eyeota

Eyeota, a Dun & Bradstreet company and the trusted source of data for digital marketing, today announced that its audience targeting data powered by ID5 is now available for global activation on independent programmatic platform, Adform. This expansion of Eyeota’s existing relationships with both ID5 and Adform enables advertisers to activate their targeting strategies within cookieless environments across the Americas, Asia, Oceania and Europe.


Eyeota provides quality omnichannel targeting solutions for advertisers worldwide. From precise targeting to driving awareness at a massive scale, brands leverage Eyeota to deepen insights, drive growth and enhance performance.  The Eyeota Audience Data Marketplace features solutions from over 75 branded data providers, across 30+ vertical and seasonal categories, and classified by intent, interest, ownership, purchase, past-purchase, firmographics and socio-demographic traits.


"We are committed to enabling our clients to create quality connections with their best audiences across the digital advertising ecosystem”, said Georgina Bankier, Sr. Director of Global Platform Partnerships of Eyeota. “This collaboration with Adform and ID5 ensures our customers can maintain addressability and continuity of privacy-centric advertising as we transition to a cookieless world."


As brands face the imminent deprecation of third-party cookies on Chrome, cookieless solutions like ID5 play a vital role in enabling customer engagement and personalized experiences. ID5 provides a universal ID solution that enables advertisers to reach their audiences and deliver campaign objectives across browsers and devices without relying on traditional IDs or compromising data protection. ID5's Universal ID is based on transparency and control, to ensure that users' privacy choices are respected throughout the advertising value chain.


“Tech collaborations like this empower advertisers to seamlessly cross over into the cookieless world. Together we are powering innovation to ensure advertisers' ability to thrive in this new era of privacy-centric marketing,” said Mathieu Roche, CEO and Co-Founder of ID5.


Adform is the most powerful and safe media buying platform in the world. With a 20+ year history of delivering service excellence and forward-looking technology, Adform enables major brands, agencies, and publishers to create, buy, and sell digital advertising globally. Having pushed the boundaries through augmented intelligence and an industry-leading identity solution, Adform has consistently changed the game for digital advertisers


“The future of audience addressability in a privacy-first world is going to be built on the strength of partnerships among industry-leading data solutions and platforms,” said Vicky Foster, VP Global Commercial Partnerships. “This powerful unification of Eyeota, Adform, and ID5 is a testament to how collaboration is unlocking unprecedented value and efficiency for advertisers worldwide.” 


Eyeota is pioneering the future of trusted, quality third-party data in a cookieless world. Want to learn more? Contact our audience specialists at datadesk@eyeota.com for more information.