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Eyeota Partners with Snowflake to Facilitate Privacy-Centric First-Party Data Activation

By: Eyeota

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Partnership Rethinks Cohort Onboarding and a Future-Proofed Strategy in a Post-Cookie Ecosystem.

Eyeota, the leading data partner to global enterprises, today announced it has partnered with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to facilitate consumer-friendly and privacy-centric activations of first-party data.

“As the world’s largest data onboarding and audience intelligence platform, we’re deeply attuned to the needs our clients have to future-proof their data strategy, especially amid changes in cookies and third-party identifiers,” said Aaron Jackson, Chief Growth Officer at Eyeota. “By utilizing Snowflake’s data clean room, alongside our client’s first-party data, we are creating sustainable and consumer-friendly data activations.”

Together with Snowflake, Eyeota will enable further data privacy activation and audience targeting, with an emphasis on data onboarding for brand-direct clients. By utilizing clean rooms in the Snowflake Data Cloud to enable private data transfers, Eyeota customers are able to share and match their offline data to online profiles and create digital cohorts optimised for audience targeting.

“Clean rooms were once thought of as a siloed technology used by walled garden platforms that provided limited data back to the brands, who were largely kept in the dark,” said Bill Stratton Head of Media, Entertainment & Advertising at Snowflake. “However, by cutting the cord of third-party identifiers, we’re seeing exciting use cases for clean rooms and data platforms, like Eyeota’s data onboarding and cohort-based targeting, that are putting the data power back in the hands of brands.”

Other features key to this partnership include:
Identity Linkages - Users can now link data with privacy-safe digital user identifiers, in order to enhance targeting solutions for omnichannel environments.
Enrichment & Data Marketplace - Availability of Eyeota’s qualified digital audiences within its marketplace for first-party data enrichment and programmatic targeting
Data Distribution Channel - Seamlessly extends Eyeota’s marketplace audiences to Snowflake’s network of data activation platforms.