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Audience Data Sessions with Wiland

By: Michelle Harness, Division Vice President, Digital Agency Sales, Wiland

We spoke with Michelle Harness, Wiland’s in-house digital agency expert, about the power of applying advanced predictive modeling to vast consumer spending data to create highly targeted, highly responsive digital marketing audiences. These data-driven audiences give brands and their agencies a competitive advantage in reaching their best prospects and achieving superior results at scale.


What makes your data unique?

At Wiland, we have the largest set of consumer spending and interest-intensity data ever assembled. This is highly valuable on its own, but what we’re able to do with it using our predictive modeling platform enabled with machine learning is our “secret sauce.” Applying our powerful analytics to this data results in audiences of the best possible prospects for a given campaign, helping brands and their agencies reach people ready to spend with them now and make repeat purchases at a high rate in the future.


How can your data help brands and advertisers?

With our vast data assets and superior predictive modeling, Wiland can tell who is ready to spend, not just shop, with a specific brand or within a particular category or niche. We create powerful custom-modeled audiences based on a brand’s campaign objectives, helping them target their advertising as accurately as possible. We also help brands increase their reach with high-response digital audiences that are ready to activate across all channels and devices.


Are there any updates to our partnership this year?

We’ve recently expanded our partnership with Eyeota to add hundreds of new audiences built with a focus on our social media engagement data. These new audiences are made up of consumers with affinities to engage with brands in hundreds of niche categories, and they leverage transaction-level data and other predictive attributes as well. They are ready for immediate activation and are very useful for brands and agencies needing to reliably expand their reach to more uniquely aligned, ready-to-buy people, all while addressing campaign goals.


What are your predictions for digital marketing/advertising and data in 2022?

Highly targeted digital marketing will become even more significant for advertisers in 2022 compared to 2021. People have spent the last 18 months relying more heavily than ever on digital feeds for news, information, and entertainment. This time of screen dependence has impacted consumer expectations—people want to glean information immediately and they want it to be relevant to them—and so it will be vital for marketing to reach the right people with the right messaging and content.


With Eyeota, Wiland audiences are available in the U.S. for multichannel campaign activation on display, mobile, and social channels, including all leading DSPs, walled gardens, and other platforms. For more information about Wiland, connect with an audience specialist today at