Eye On | Wiland Ultimate

Reach the consumers most likely to purchase from you now and become loyal, long-term repeat buyers. 

Wiland Ultimate audiences are created using the largest set of individual-level U.S. consumer spending data ever assembleddata that is available nowhere else and that makes Wiland the best predictor of consumer response. Wiland data is further enriched by:

  • Spending insights from 10 million merchants
  • Social media engagement insights
  • Behavioral and psychographic insights
  • Other purchase intent signals highly indicative of spending propensity
Wiland Ultimate audiences cover nearly 1,500 niche categories and represent the widest selection of targeted audiences available. They are ideal for advertisers across all categories looking to immediately achieve better response rates, lower customer acquisition cost, and a higher return on ad spend.
Timely Audience Category & Segment Examples Include:

Baking & Cooking, Children's Education, Crafts & Hobbies, Food & Grocery Delivery, Home Fitness & Health, Home Improvement, Pets, TV Streaming & Internet Services.

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With Eyeota, Wiland audiences are available for campaign activation across digital display, mobile, social, video, and advanced TV. Download the Wiland Audience Guide and connect directly with Eyeota’s Audience Specialists to find out more at datadesk@eyeota.com.