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COVID-19: Eyeota is here to support you

In the midst of the global challenges Coronavirus (COVID-19) poses for all of us, it is critical that we all focus on what is most important - the safety and health of our families, our communities and our employees, clients and partners. Eyeota has been focusing on measures to minimize all potential risk factors while maintaining the high levels of service and responsiveness you are accustomed to. 

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Why data quality and transparency matters

We recently hosted a session on "Why data quality and transparency matter" with the IAB Tech Lab and Neutronian. Read my top 3 takeaways from the session here.

Audience Data Sessions | Mind the Gap Session with YouGov
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Audience Data Sessions | Mind the Gap Session with YouGov

How Research-Based Audiences Help To Close The Loop Between Campaign Planning & Measurement.

Did you know that research-based data not only adds value at the campaign planning phase but can also enable brands to better target consumers throughout the digital advertising lifecycle?

Podcast: Surviving In A Cookie-less Environment
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Podcast: Surviving In A Cookie-less Environment

In recent months, the digital advertising industry has seen a shift towards a future where third-party cookies will no longer be in use.

For brands and marketers, what will a digital advertising environment be like without cookies? In this podcast, a panel of experts discuss the impact of enhanced cookie-control on digital advertising, the rise of permissions-based targeting, and, ultimately, how to survive in a cookie-less environment.

Panel: Connecting the Data Chain
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Panel: Connecting the Data Chain

With Adform, Eyeota, Pierian, Permutive & YouGov

From a marketer, data owner and platform point of view, Eyeota discusses Connecting the Data Chain with some of the key players in the digital media industry.