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Our Data Quality Committment To You

By: Kristina Prokop, CEO & Co-founder

It's been a busy time at Eyeota HQ recently! We've announced a raft of new partners, new markets and new capabilities. Here's a run down of the biggest news stories you might have missed over the last couple of months.

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Audience Data Sessions Q&A with Lifesight

By: Tom Gregory, Lifesight

Tom Gregory, Country Manager of Australia & New Zealand, shares more information about the Lifesight mobile, and explains why brands should integrate ‘Phygital’ based audience behaviours into their digital marketing strategies.  combining offline and online behavioural data sets we help advertisers further refine targeting. Feedback from advertisers is that well targeted campaigns using Lifesight audience segments deliver better results across different metrics whether online conversion metrics, video completion rates or exposed Footfall into store.

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Audience Data Sessions Q&A with Selling Simplified

By: Charlie Whife, Selling Simplified

Charlie Whife, VP of Global Sales at Selling Simplified, shares detail into the process of capturing the right B2B data variables for effective Account-Based Marketing, and why first-party data is going to be a priority for brands in a cookieless world. 

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Standardizing the Definition of Data Quality

By: Kristina Prokop, CEO & Co-founder

Kristina Prokop. CEO, writes for If you ask ten people what data quality means, you’ll get ten different answers. 

What’s more, you’ll also find that the majority of folks don’t know where their data comes from or how it’s stitched together. To be fair, it’s all very complex stuff — and that’s just one reason it needs to be standardized. After all, data quality is vitally important to most brand marketers and other business decision makers. They deserve to have standards around it. 

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Eyeota Integrates ID5’s Universal ID to Enhance Audience Identity Resolution

By: Eyeota

Eyeota integrates with ID5’s Universal ID is part of its larger data diversity initiative to ensure its audience solutions remain flexible and addressable for brands and advertisers activating across omnichannel environments.