Howard Luks - Chief Revenue Officer, Eyeota
Agencies, audience targeting, Audience Identity Resolution

To Lead in Tomorrow’s Agency World, You Need to Be Testing Like Crazy Today

By: Howard Luks
Given the level of disruption within today’s ad space, and the sheer number of fronts where agencies are being told to brace for change, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed to the point of paralysis. But for agency and holding company leaders right now, standing still isn’t an option. Howard Luks, CRO at Eyeota talks to AdNews about the issue.
Aaron Jackson - Chief Growth Officer, Eyeota
audience targeting, data enrichment, cdp

The CDP Shortcoming That The Industry Needs To Address

By: Aaron Jackson, Chief Growth Officer
Aaron Jackson, Chief Growth Officer at Eyeota, discusses what needs to change in order for customer data platforms (CDPs) to keep up with the times.
Audience Data, third-party data, marketing strategy

How Data Will Save Brands In This Recession

By: Trent Lloyd, Co-founder and Head of Brand Solutions, Eyeota
As the world teeters on the edge of a global recession, many companies are coming to terms with potential — if not actual — sales losses as consumers start to pull back on spending. Eyeota's Trent Lloyd talks to B&T about how investing in data will help position brands to emerge strongest on the other side of the downturn.
Audience Data, data enrichment, personalization

Personalisation and prospecting: A marketer’s guide to data enrichment

By: Kristina Prokop, CEO & Co-founder
Kristina Prokop, CEO and co-founder at Eyeota, asks: How can today's marketers understand more about who their customers are, and use that information not only to boost customer retention, but to increase new customer acquisition?
cookieless, identity, data enrichment

Stop Treating Data Governance Like Innovation. It’s Table Stakes.

By: Aaron Jackson, Chief Growth Officer
For decades, marketers have strived to enrich their knowledge of customers and put that knowledge into action for more personalised messaging and more effective prospecting. So why is it then that so many data governance initiatives are being treated like innovation projects, versus the true fundamentals of good business that they are?