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Eye on: Home Fitness Audience Playbook

With most gyms temporarily closed, consumers are turning to home equipment, exercise bikes, weights, personal fitness trackers, and supplements to stay fit while confined. According to eMarketer, monthly spending by U.S. consumers on home fitness products and services has increased by 35 to 40% in March 2020*.
Brands and marketers should leverage this surge in demand by activating audience data for campaigns to engage consumers interested in keeping fit, as well as connecting with those with strong past purchases on health and fitness.
Check out the Eye On: Home Fitness Audience Playbook to discover audience data strategies and segments to identify, reach and engage your best future customers
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Eyeota x Programmatic Mechanics: Audience Data Session...At Home

Introducing our brand new video series - Audience Data home! 

Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing the conversations we have been having with our partners, clients and industry friends about the impact that COVID-19 is having on digital advertising.

First up is Travis Roznos from Eyeota chatting with Jason Deutsch and Jessica Cordero from Programmatic Mechanics.


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The Effect of COVID-19 on Marketing Strategies - and what to do about it

Despite the entire city of Manhattan being in complete lockdown, I was still able to spend an enjoyable evening of dinner and discussion with my I-COM peers albeit at home rather than our usual restaurant meet-ups (though some of the green screen backdrops were very clever!). We gathered to listen to Chris Cable, Director of Data, Analytics and Strategic Planning at Diageo, USA deliver the keynote presentation about the effects of COVID-19 on marketing and the strategies to adapt to the changes.

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Publishers: How to Make Additional Revenue from your Data

Publishers continue to feel the pressure as they battle GDPR requirements in the EU, and CCPA in the US on top of the unrelenting competition from Facebook, Google and Amazon and the impending deprecation of third-party cookies. These issues are all having an impact on the publishers revenue goals. And now the Coronavirus pandemic has further compounded all these issues to such a point that “Digiday Research found that 88% of publishing executives surveyed expect to miss their business goals this year due to the outbreak.” However, there is a powerful but relatively dormant source of revenue that a publisher might currently be sitting on - data.

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MarTech Cube Interview with Kristina Prokop

“Focus on the problem, you’re solving for your customers. Don’t build products that you think they need; know their pain points and the exact issues you’re solving for them".  Read on for more insights from CEO Kristina Prokop in discussion with MarTech Cube.