Kristina Prokop in conversation with Exchangewire
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Kristina Prokop in conversation with ExchangeWire

By: Eyeota

Eyeota CEO and Co-founder, Kristina Prokop recently joined ExchangeWire’s Rachel Smith and Ciaran O’Kane to discuss the latest news in ad tech and Martech on the MarTech Podcast.

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Why Cohorts Have Always Been Advertising’s Future – Long Before Google’s FLoC

By: Eyeota

Kristina Prokop, CEO and Co-founder of Eyeota, explains how the concept of cohorts is not a novelty in the marketing industry and why cohorts are the logical go-to strategy for advertisers in a privacy-first world.

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Eyeota Mobile Switcher and Subscriber Audiences

By: Eyeota

Did you know? According to eMarketer, the US telecom industry will be the fourth-largest spender in digital advertising this year, with $13.99 billion spent on digital ads. Eyeota can help you optimize your digital ad spend to reach the right customers.

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What is data enrichment and how to approach it successfully

By: Eyeota

Even in a marketplace where a substantial amount of customer interactions happen in digital channels, it’s still difficult to form a complete understanding of your customers. While robust first-party data provides you with what you currently know about your customers at a segment level and how they engage with you, data enrichment can help you go deeper.

It's all non first-party
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Let's Stop Talking About Second and Third-Party Data - It’s All Non First-Party

By: Eyeota

Late last year, Kristina Prokop sat down with Project A’s Florian Heinemann for a general chat about Kristina’s time with Eyeota. One of the subjects that came up was the importance of first-party data and the confusing terminology that surrounds the three main data types.

That exchange turned out to be one of the most popular excerpts from the interview, so we thought it was worthwhile to provide you with a refresher on what the terms, first-, second- and third-party data actually mean.

After that, we’ll talk about why we should change the terminology to be more transparent and why the distinction between first-party and “non first-party” is the only one you need to worry about.