Eyeota Selects Proximic by Comscore as a Preferred Partner to Provide Enhanced Cookieless Predictive Audience Targeting with Contextual Signals

By: Eyeota

The expanded partnership allows media buyers to create custom contextual Predictive Audiences using Eyeota's full taxonomy of over 1,700+ audience segments.

Eyeota, a Dun & Bradstreet company and a global source of data for digital marketing, have selected Proximic by Comscore, a leading provider of audience and content targeting solutions for programmatic activation, as its preferred partner for making its full taxonomy of audience segments available for contextual cookieless targeting.

By selecting Proximic by Comscore as its partner, Eyeota enables media buyers to reach their desired audiences, through AI powered contextual signals. This solution addresses the growing signal loss challenges media buyers are facing and allows them to maintain effective targeting and reach in an increasingly complex digital advertising landscape. With these new segments, media buyers will be able to increase scale to reach programmatic inventory in cookieless environments, an especially important capability to maintain reach KPIs in light of new privacy changes such as Google Chrome updates.


"Eyeota is committed to providing actionable data solutions that enable media buyers to target their desired audiences effectively," said Ryan Sussan "Our collaboration with Proximic by Comscore allows us to address the challenge of signal loss and provide media buyers with enhanced contextual targeting capabilities without the need for third-party cookies."


Furthermore, Eyeota and Proximic by Comscore have expanded their partnership to offer a more comprehensive solution. Proximic by Comscore now makes Eyeota's full taxonomy of more than 1,700+ audience segments available in the Proximic Activation Platform. This enables media buyers to create custom contextual Predictive Audiences built on Eyeota's quality-certified sociodemographic, employment, interest, intent, lifestyle and seasonal event data, covering over 35 verticals and 45 languages, which surpasses the 147 syndicated segments currently available across Proximic by Comscore’s demand-side, and supply-side platform integrations.


"B2B Predictive Audiences have improved in efficiency significantly and continue to be crucial to maintaining strong CPEVs across our campaigns,” said Erin Greenberg, Manager Programmatic at Eightbar. “The audiences continue to outperform our third-party job function audiences, and they are outperforming both of our contextual audiences."


Media buyers can easily create custom Eyeota Predictive Audiences in the Proximic Activation Platform and seamlessly push them directly to their platform of choice, with delivery completed within one day. This advanced targeting capability empowers media buyers to deliver highly personalized and engaging consumer experiences, leveraging the rich data provided by Eyeota.


As a proven case study, Eightbar leverages Eyeota Predictive Audiences to help leading technology brand, IBM, achieve the most efficient Cost-Per-Engaged-Visit (CPEV). CPEV was measured against two Competitor Contextual Segments as well as Competitor Behavioral Segments. The Eyeota Predictive Audiences had a 23% lower CPEV than the Competitor Contextual Audience and a 46% lower CPEV than the Competitor Behavioral Audience. Proximic by Comscore achieved the lowest CPEV compared to competitor behavioral and contextual audiences, outperforming client benchmarks by 28%.


“Proximic by Comscore remains committed to using our AI-powered contextual engine to enable media buyers and sellers to maintain campaign scale and performance in the face of signal loss,” said Jessica Trainor, Head of Partnerships at Proximic by Comscore. “Our expanded partnership with Eyeota and their selection of us as their preferred partner for making their audiences available contextually is a testament to the direction the industry is shifting and the appetite for these solutions in market.”


This partnership demonstrates Eyeota's dedication to delivering actionable data and reinforces its commitment to helping media buyers navigate the challenges brought by signal loss. Now, media buyers can continue to drive engaging and personalized consumer experiences.


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