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Eye On the Industry: Tips and Insights for the Data-Driven Marketer

By: Eyeota

Eyeota's Eye On the Industry Newsletter: Tips and Insights for the Data-Driven  Marketer

This month we’re examining the challenges and opportunities posed by the removal of third-party cookies for digital marketing.

Even though Google has continually kicked the can down the road on third-party cookie deprecation, the data-driven marketing industry has not been sitting idly by as this momentous sea change looms.

Today’s third-party data landscape has never been more prepared for tomorrow’s privacy-first digital landscape. Read on for helpful guidance and insights to stay equipped for what lies ahead for the post-cookie marketing and advertising world.


The Marketers Guide to Targeting Post-Cookies



We understand that it remains unrealistic to rely solely on first-party data in 2023 and beyond. That's why we partnered with Digiday to produce a marketer's guide to targeting post-cookies. Download the guide to learn more about key cookieless topics such as:

  • The available post-cookie identifiers
  • Cookieless environments and how to factor in contextual targeting
  • How third-party data enriches first-party data
  • The future of IDs for targeting

Download the Guide


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Third-Party Data is not the same as Third-Party Cookies


In this blog, we discuss why the distinction between third-party data & third-party cookies is so important, as well as why quality third-party data is a more vital piece of sustainable marketing programs than ever before. 

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Why the loss of Third-Party Cookies is nothing to fear


In this blog, we discuss how in solving for the “loss” of third-party cookies, we have an opportunity to build a more complete and more sustainable approach to data-driven marketing, both in terms of retention and acquisition.

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How to Balance Privacy Compliance with 1:1 Messaging Relevance


In this blog, we acknowledge that today’s marketers understand the importance of ensuring their messaging resonates with customers on a true 1:1 level. However, the pivot toward a cookieless landscape continues to transform the tools available to brands and agencies when it comes to identifying and communicating with consumers on an individual level.

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