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Eyeota Ranks Among Top 10 in Neutronian’s NQI Transparency Ranking

By: Eyeota

NQI Transparency Ranking Report

Neutronian, a pioneer of independent data quality certification, recently released its 2022 NQI Transparency Ratings, which saw Eyeota among the top 10 highest scoring companies.

Eyeota was one of the first audience data marketplaces to be certified by Neutronian back in 2020 and has since launched a data quality certification initiative in collaboration with Neutronian to promote transparency certification among data suppliers in the Eyeota Marketplace. The initiative is designed to give marketers transparency into the data quality powering ad campaigns. Eyeota is delighted to see that key partners, such as Affinity Answers, ShareThis, Bombora, ID5, Adform, Kantar, Comscore, Dynata, YouGov, and Data Axle also ranked among the top 25 companies in Neutronian’s transparency report.

How Do The NQI Ratings Work?

The NQI Ratings are based on the public transparency of companies that collect data or sell data-based solutions. Data is collected from multiple publicly available sources including corporate websites and other sites that represent those companies. A total of 250 companies were scored for the April 2022 ranking report. These ratings provide marketers with a summary view of potential high or low data quality indicators prior to investing in data for ad campaigns.

Neutronian recognizes 5 key categories of data quality and transparency:

  • Consent & Compliance
  • Sourcing Transparency
  • Dataset Characteristics
  • Methodology & Processing
  • Performance

Each company, which includes data providers, identity solutions providers and ad tech platforms, is scored for each of the 5 categories of the NQI Transparency Ratings framework. Data providers are then ranked and bucketed into deciles based on the resulting index scores.


Click here to learn more about Eyeota’s commitment to data transparency and the Neutronian certification.