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Audience Data Sessions: Q&A with Finity

By: Luke Cassar, Senior Consultant at Finity


Can you introduce yourself and your company?

I’m Luke Cassar, a Senior Consultant at Finity. Finity is a leading independent actuarial and analytics firm based in Australia and New Zealand. Our team of consultants, data scientists and statisticians provide innovative big data solutions by employing the best tools, techniques, partners, and most importantly, people to provide analytics to solve real world business challenges. I have spent a large portion of my career working on analytics projects for Finity’s clients and I am responsible for all things related to our demographic and behavioural data product, Defin’d.


Why have you partnered with Eyeota?

Defin’d was designed to help our clients better understand their customers and potential customers, enhancing what they may already know from information they collect about their customers and/or publicly available data. We frequently employ Defin’d on client projects to consult on product design, pricing and marketing strategy. Partnering with Eyeota allows our clients to digitally activate on segments based on Defin’d, thereby allowing Finity to provide an end-to-end marketing solution to clients. While the majority of Finity’s clients operate in the insurance and government sectors, we have proven that the insights that are available from Defin’d can be valuable to many other industry verticals. Partnering with Eyeota allows operators in other industries to benefit from Defin’d segments.


How do your audience solutions help brands and advertisers?

The segments available on Eyeota are built from datasets which give a ground-up view of each individual in Australia. Our segments relate to specific attributes, attitudes, lifestyles or intents so advertisers can target specific attributes, attitudes, lifestyles and/or intents, rather than a more generic segment with characteristics that may correlate imperfectly with advertisers’ target audiences. In providing better targeting, our segments provide better value to advertisers who are looking to reach more prospects with fewer advertising dollars spent.

To illustrate with an example, consider an automotive manufacturer planning to introduce a new prestige vehicle to market and most efficiently utilize their marketing budget.

  • With Defin’d, the question becomes “Who and where are the people most interested in purchasing prestige motor vehicles?” rather than “Which segment has a higher proportion of motoring enthusiasts?” or “Which areas have the highest concentration of this segment?”
  • Using the traditional approach with pre-canned segments, the data shows that a typical campaign would require 360,000 hits in a metropolitan city (like Sydney or Melbourne) just to reach 115,000 people that match the target audience criteria. With Defin’d, 360,000 hits equates to a reach of more than 215,000 people

In which markets are your audience solutions available?

Defin’d currently covers the Australian market.


What are the key data trends you’re excited about in 2023?

I’m excited for the increasing focus on data literacy across organisations in recent years. I believe most businesses could drive better decision-making with data they either have access to, already collect or could easily collect and if they had the right people and support to interpret and analyse that data. Additionally, as the extent of consumer data collected increases and data protections for consumers have been strengthened by governments across the world, an upskill in data governance, privacy and security has become necessary so that businesses can use data most effectively. There are a growing number of tertiary institutions offering data science courses and degrees, as well as investment from businesses to add data science skillsets to their workforce. I’m excited to see the new problems businesses will be able to identify and solve through better use of data


What is your approach to cookieless targeting?

Defin’d provides a rich picture of customers and potential customers which is unchanging in the medium term and does not rely on cookies to identify and track viewer activity.



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