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Audience Data Sessions with DBM Atlas

By: Logan Walsh, Media Products Manager at DBM

Logan Walsh DBM Eyeota

Logan Walsh, Media Products Manager at DBM, spills the beans on what makes DBM Atlas data unique and how they can help brands pinpoint valuable consumer segments for targeting. Read the Q&A now to find out about their upcoming new audiences and DBM's predictions for digital marketing and data in 2022.


What makes DBM Atlas data unique?

Our award winning DBM Atlas survey is the currency in the Australian financial services industry, subscribed to by over 50 brands. It’s the largest survey of its kind in Australia with over 80,000 consumers and businesses surveyed each year. The survey is 100% dedicated to financial services keeping respondents' minds highly focused and our data extremely accurate.


How can your data help brands and advertisers?

Atlas’ mission is pretty simple – it exists to help clients grow and retain their customers. Our suite of outcomes-based marketing solutions helps brands and advertisers tailor content and creative messaging to ensure it matches the needs of their target. DBM audiences can pinpoint hard-to-find or valuable consumer and business segments in-market for new or replacement financial products spanning banking, wealth, retirement and insurance. Further to our off-the-shelf segments, we can develop custom audiences tailored to your brand’s segmentation.


Are there any updates to our partnership this year?

Our DBM Atlas B2B audiences become available in December 2021, and will cover product ownership, firmographics, and importantly intent to take out new business products. In response to growing demand, we have also expanded our Australian consumer finance segments, including new insurance segments, a Buy Now Pay Later audience and much more. Our data will be integrated through Eyeota’s new pipe streams into social platforms and Amazon.


What are your predictions for digital marketing/advertising and data in 2022?

As the Australian financial landscape continues to evolve, especially in light of the upheavals of the past two years, winning brands will be those who utilize data-driven insights to fuel their tactical and strategic marketing activities that ultimately deliver the best ROI.



With Eyeota, DBM Atlas audiences are available in Australia for omnichannel campaign activation on Amazon, display, mobile and social channels including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For more information about DBM Atlas audiences, connect with an audience specialist today at