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Audience Data Sessions: Q&A with CACI

By: Cara Bramwell, Principal Consultant at CACI

Cara Bramwell CACI
We invited CACI's Principal Consultant, Cara Bramwell, to share more information about CACI's role as a marketing services provider and our long-standing partnership. In our Q&A, Cara sheds some light on the best use case for CACI data and how they are preparing for a cookieless future.


Can you introduce yourself, your role and responsibilities?

I am the key point of contact for the CACI and Eyeota partnership, ensuring CACI’s market leading consumer and demographic datasets are easily accessible across digital channels. With 10 years’ experience working for data and marketing agencies, I have strong expertise in the end to end application of consumer data across all sectors. 


CACI is described as a Marketing Services Provider, can you share more information about your business?

CACI is known for doing amazing things with data. Our heritage of understanding people and places across the UK underpins everything we do and forms the basis of our unique range of data products and solutions. We create unrivalled insight for our clients enabling them to define and deliver appropriate targeting strategies across all consumer-facing sectors. Whether you are trying to understand your existing customers or catchment areas, develop propositions, plan investment or allocate resources effectively, CACI can provide the insight to help you do just that.


Why have you chosen to partner with Eyeota?

CACI have been a partner of Eyeota for over 6 years now. Eyeota help CACI bridge our offline data spine to digital identifiers, enabling our clients to target their customers using the same products both on- and offline.
Eyeota are easy to do business with, collaborative and forward thinking, helping us navigate the ever changing digital landscape!


Eyeota works with CACI to activate its valuable consumer attitudes, characteristics and behavioural insights as digital audiences, are there any new updates to our partnership this year?

We have recently launched a new version of Fresco which has been rebuilt to take into account new financial behaviours and is now available from Eyeota. Fresco is our individual level lifestage/affluence segmentation product used by many financial services clients.
We will soon be releasing a new version of Ocean which is our database of the UK population with selectable attributes covering areas such as demographics, income and financial behaviours, household characteristics and lifestyle interests. Keep an eye out for some of the new and updated variables which will be available in the Summer.


How are CACI audiences relevant for brands and advertisers?

CACI audiences are relevant in a number of ways:

  • Brands that already use CACI segmentation products such as Acorn and Fresco, can use the insight they know about their key customer segments and personalise their marketing messaging to each audience. As an example, a Rising Metropolitan might receive adverts related to mortgage products whilst an Asset Rich Grey will receive marketing messages on investment products.
  • For brands or agencies who want to target key attributes, CACI’s Ocean database can be used to select audiences with high propensities to exhibit those attributes, such as those most likely to have children or consumers with an income over £75,000.
  • And, of course, being the experts in demographic data, CACI’s ABC1 category is still a popular data selection for agencies. 


How should marketers best use CACI audiences?

Marketers can either use the supporting information such as our Acorn pen portraits or  Fresco videos to make selections from our segmentation tools, select individual variables from our Ocean list or we can run a customer profile to enable the selection of look-a-like audiences.


What is CACI’s positioning in the identity and cookieless landscape?

Enabling our clients to do amazing things with data remains CACI’s sole purpose. Identity resolution across traditional first-party data sources has always been a major focus of our work for clients. We provide complex address and name matching and data standardisation for many organisations, providing a clean and reliable source of customer and prospect data.

As clients enter a new cookieless world, we are meeting the challenges this presents head-on. This includes using our data and services to identify shared audiences by bridging first-party data-sets across brands or organisations. New capabilities provided by “Data Clean Rooms” are enabling this in real-time. Additionally CACI conducts audits of martech and adtech to ensure that clients are maximising their first-party data collection. One observation from our client engagements to date, is that each client’s needs are different. Therefore we welcome the opportunity to continue working with Eyeota on methods to mitigate the transition to a cookieless world.



With Eyeota, CACI audiences are available in the UK for omnichannel campaign activation on display, mobile and social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. For more information about CACI, connect with an audience specialist today at