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TV Data Initiative Announces Expert Advisory Group

By: Eyeota

Eyeota, a founding member of the TV Data Initiative will work with Expert Advisory Group of experienced executive leaders from across the industry to help advertisers, programmers, and distributors unlock the potential of the fast-growing data-driven TV ecosystem.

Today, the TV Data Initiative, the new consortium focused on working collaboratively with the industry to explore the use and application of data across the advanced TV ecosystem, announced that it has assembled an experienced group of senior executives to serve as its Expert Advisory Group. The Group brings decades of experience to the Initiative, sharing a commitment to supporting the growth and development of the new TV data ecosystem.

As TV viewing shifts to connected platforms and streaming services continue to grow, investment in data-driven audience-based advertising is growing steadily, thereby enhancing TVs impact and value as a marketing platform and driving demand for high-quality, privacy-friendly ad platforms and data sets that can fuel the industrys future growth and development.

Launched in April 2021, the members of the Initiative – Blockgraph, DISH Media, Eyeota, MadHive, Magnite, TransUnion and Tru Optik, TVSquared and VideoAmp – are working to review the various challenges and opportunities presented to the buy- and sell-sides of the industry, looking for practical steps that could be taken to support the growth and development of the market, while respecting and protecting consumer data and privacy.

The Expert Advisory Group will play an important role in supporting the Initiative, feeding in important insights, views and perspectives about the challenges and opportunities ahead, based on years of experience and their deep knowledge of the advanced TV advertising market. During the coming months, the TV Data Initiative will begin publishing interviews and emerging findings from its research and analysis, featuring insights and inputs from the members of the Initiative and from the Expert Advisory Group, to facilitate debate and discussion about the practical steps required to help the industry move forwards.

“Advanced data targeting has been gaining momentum within the industry and we have been experiencing a great deal of success in the area,” said Jim Keller, EVP, Digital Ad Sales and Advanced Advertising, Discovery, Inc. “As the market continues to grow, it is critical that the industry continues to work together to future proof the premium video business. As thought leaders in this space, we believe the open dialogue that the TV Data Initiative supports is necessary for the industry to meaningfully progress.”

Jane Clarke, CEO and Managing Director of the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM), said “Achieving true cross-platform measurement has always been as much of a business consideration as it is a technical consideration. To achieve this vision, we need not only the right technology and methodology, but cooperation and coordination across the industry from seller to buyer. That has always been CIMM’s mission, to foster collaboration on cross-platform measurement advancement, and it is with that mission in mind that we are most pleased to serve on the EAG for the TV Data Initiative, which represents the broad coalition of leaders the industry needs to make cross-platform a reality.”

“Where consumers go, advertisers follow. And more consumers are choosing connected TV than ever before. As budgets shift to CTV, the same data privacy by design practices should follow. We have a real opportunity to shape the space in a way that provides value to consumers and advertisers alike and doesn't mimic the pitfalls of the digital landscape”, said Amy Yeung, General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer at Lotame.

Reed Barker, Head of Advertising at Philo, said “Everyone is talking about data being the key element for ad targeting and performance measurement in CTV, but few people seem to agree on how the basic terms are defined. Philo's hope is that the TV Data Initiative will help map the road from today's Tower of Babel to a place where we can all speak a shared data language and drive CTV advertising into the future.”

We’re delighted to welcome an incredible group of experienced industry executives and data experts to our Expert Advisory Group, as we go about our work,” said Jon Watts, Project Director of the Initiative. The group has decades of experience, working at the highest levels of the US industry, and will play an invaluable role in supporting our deliberations. The EAG will be able to provide us with insights into the data opportunities that advertisers are keen to address, the data strategies and capabilities of major agencies, and the steps that leading networks, MVPDs and programmers are taking to support advertisers with data-enabled TV ad buys.”

Jonathan Steuer, Expert Advisor to the Initiative, said: “We’re excited to welcome our Expert Advisors to the Initiative as they help round out our roster of participants from every part of the TV data ecosystem. Pushing data-driven TV to scale requires standardization of new data sets, streamlining workflows, and simplifying connectivity to support media buyers and sellers, data and measurement providers and technology solutions. Our Expert Advisors provide many additional points of view to help move the industry toward such a collaborative vision.”

Alan Wolk, Analyst, said: The EAG gives us invaluable insights into everything from the way major ad agencies are looking at data to the ways that networks, MVPDs and streaming services are making data an integral part of their ad sales strategies.”

Membership of the TV Data Initiative’s Expert Advisory Group

The full membership of the Expert Advisory Group for the TV Data Initiative includes:

  • Lisa Giacosa, President, Spark Foundry
  • David Campanelli, EVP, Chief Investment Officer, Horizon Media
  • Atin Kulkarni, Head - Global Marketing Science/Tech & Store Analytics, PepsiCo
  • Jen Soch, Executive Director, Specialty Channels, GroupM
  • Cara Lewis, EVP, Head of US Investment, Dentsu
  • Arthur Orduna, previously Chief Innovation Officer, Avis Budget Group
  • Allyson Witherspoon, Chief Marketing Officer, Nissan USA
  • Marissa Jimenez, Managing Director, Finecast USA
  • Nathalie Bordes, EVP Measurement for Marketers at the ANA
  • Andrew Ward, President, Ampersand
  • Kelly Abcarian, EVP of Measurement and Impact, NBCUniversal Media
  • Dan Callahan, Senior Vice President, Data Strategy and Sales Innovation, Fox Corporation
  • Jim Keller, Executive Vice President, Digital Ad Sales and Advanced Advertising at Discovery Inc
  • Jesse Redniss, previously EVP of Data Strategy & Product Innovation at Warner Media
  • Beth Logan, Senior Director Data Science, Roku
  • Claudio Marcus, VP of Advertising Strategy, Comcast
  • Denise Colella, previously SVP of Advanced Advertising Products and Strategy, NBCUniversal
  • Mark Rotblat, Chief Revenue Officer, Tubi
  • Reed Barker, Head of Advertising, Philo
  • Ieuan Jolly, Partner & Co-Chair: Data Solutions, Linklaters
  • Amy Yeung, General Counsel, Chief Privacy Officer, Lotame
  • Kyle Antoian, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Epsilon
  • Jane Clarke, CEO and MD, Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM)

Please note that membership of the Expert Advisory Group does not imply approval or affirmation of any findings, conclusions and recommendations published by the TV Data Initiative, which will be solely the responsibility of the core Initiative members.

The TV Data Initiative is working to develop:

  • A landscape overview of the data-driven TV ecosystem, with clear definitions and frameworks.
  • A review of the opportunities ahead, as advertisers look to data to identify and describe audiences for their campaigns, and the building blocks required to support these activities.
  • An analysis of the challenges and barriers currently facing different categories of industry participants, as they look to leverage data to support their campaigns and goals.
  • An assessment of the potential for new collective arrangements to support data sharing, matching and quality, improving the operation of the data-driven TV ecosystem in the 2020s.