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Audience Data Sessions Q&A with Goldfish Ads

By: Andrew Harder, Director, Data at Goldfish Ads

Andrew Harder

Eyeota speaks to Andrew Harder from Goldfish Ads to learn more about how brands and marketers can use their cookieless cohort-based datasets created with real-world data without using any PII. Read our blog post now to learn more about our partnership.


Can you introduce yourself, your role and responsibilities?

My name is Andrew Harder and here at Goldfish Ads I oversee our Data efforts.


Goldfish Ads is described as a first-of-its-kind GeoGraph that offers cohort-based audience solutions, can you share more information about your business?

While Goldfish Ads itself may be a newer company, we bring decades of experience to the table working with the world’s largest agencies and brands across various aspects of the digital ecosystem. 

The challenge we are solving today is rebuilding the existing media model from the ground up. Activating data and measuring media is going to look very different over the next few years and we’ve already laid down the train tracks to help brands, agencies and AdTech platforms to get there. 

We envision a transparent pipeline of data from planning media all the way to measuring offline sales where Goldfish Ads provides the tools to optimize everything along the way. 


What makes Goldfish Ads data unique?

What makes our targeting offering unique is Data Compatibility. From unlocking a dataset like Census, which already powers over $600 billion worth of decisions each year, to allowing a brand to leverage their sales data, to almost any other dataset, we make it all work seamlessly.  We make it easy to use our data as a stand-alone strategy or work with any data already being used. 

Goldfish Ads is changing the way data is compiled and used in a privacy-first world. Without ever touching any PII or using any cookies in any way, our first-of-its-kind algorithm clusters audiences into cohorts in ways not possible prior. 

Similarly to how Google changed the game for search by factoring relevance into its page rank algorithm, Goldfish Ads is changing the way data is compiled and used. Our algorithm calculates the relevance of each data point in relation to its neighboring data points for all datasets we onboard. 

The result is more reach, more relevance and more flexibility for advertisers, agencies and anyone else who wants to work with our data.


How can your data help brands and advertisers?

I’d bucket our answer into three categories on this one: Efficacy, Scale and Compliance. 

  • Efficacy, in that we’ve seen our targeting and methodology outperform segments built in a 1:1 method. 
  • Scale, to say that our cohorts work across all mediums and aren’t hamstrung by match-rate concerns. 
  • And lastly Compliance to give advertisers confidence that our solution won’t be eliminated by any pending legislation or technology updates, due to how privacy-safe our methodology is. 


Are there any updates to our partnership this year?

We’re a relatively new company and therefore a brand new partner, but that said, what drew us to this partnership was Eyeota’s embracing of the cohort-targeting principle, which is at the core of almost everything we do.

The concept of people clustering into groups or ‘cohorts’ is as old as humanity itself. Whether it’s neighborhoods or that, due to the Nash Equilibrium, similar businesses and establishments cluster together, there’s an immense amount of upside to targeting and measuring using cohorts. We are excited to unlock this value via our unique algorithm in ways not possible prior.


What are your predictions for digital marketing/advertising and data in 2022?

Given the privacy legislation in discussion in multiple markets and pending browser/operating system updates from the world’s largest tech companies, I believe the industry will continue to embrace the move away from 1:1 targeting and into digital’s next evolution.

For Goldfish Ads that’s continuing to build addressable cohorts that work across all of digital and optimizing that media to tangible business outcomes such offline sales, app usage and more.



With Eyeota, Goldfish Ads audiences are available in the US and in the UK for omnichannel campaign activation on display, mobile and social channels including Facebook and Instagram. For more information about Goldfish Ads, connect with an audience specialist today at