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Audience Data Sessions Q&A with Bombora

By: Mark Dye, Chief Strategy Officer, Bombora

Mark Dye, Bombora

Bombora's Chief Strategy Officer, Mark Dye, provides an overview of Bombora and how marketers can use Bombora's B2B audiences to reach 'in-market' consumers globally.


Can you introduce yourself, your role and responsibilities?

Mark Dye - Chief Strategy Officer – Responsibilities include company strategic initiatives around areas of focus such as company Go-to-Market, Partnerships, Product Development and Industry Ecosystems.


Bombora is described as a leading provider of B2B Intent Data, can you share more information about your business?

Bombora is the creator of the B2B Intent category. Bombora's B2B Intent Data is based upon its large business publisher Data Co-Op where the engagement of over 2.7M unique businesses is observed and those observations are then used to create an Intent Score for each business on over 7,000 individual business topics.


Why have you chosen to partner with Eyeota?

Eyeota and Bombora have been partners since 2015. Bombora and Eyeota share the same vision for making Intent Advertising and Measurement more efficient and effective for the entire ecosystem. For consumers this means more relevant messaging to support their value exchange with publishers in exchange for content.


How are Bombora audiences relevant for brands and advertisers?

Bombora's Intent has been "by design" created to understand what business professionals are researching for and serving relevant advertisements.


How should marketers best use Bombora audiences?

Bombora is the leading provider of Intent Data for B2B - Marketers utilize Bombora to reach "in-market" audiences. Marketers build programs for email, programmatic and CRM sales and marketing plays to accelerate sales and marketing by identifying Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and in-market prospects.


With Eyeota, Bombora audiences are available globally for omnichannel campaign activation on display, mobile and social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat. For more information about Bombora, connect with an audience specialist today at