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Audience Data Sessions: Q&A with Fyllo

By: Doug King, Business Development & Data Partnerships, Fyllo

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Eyeota talks to Doug King, Director of Business Development & Data Partnerships at Fyllo. Read our Q&A now to learn more about our partnership, Fyllo's unique CBD endemic and CBD "infused" audiences, and their commitment to compliance, data privacy and ethics.


Can you introduce Fyllo?

The Fyllo Data Marketplace is the world’s largest ecosystem of cannabis & CBD purchase data. Sourced from leading cannabis & CBD-endemic data companies (e.g. POS systems, e-commerce platforms, delivery systems, and loyalty programs), Fyllo enables access to two types of previously inaccessible cannabis and CBD-derived audiences:

  • Endemic audiences: CBD purchasers, edible purchasers, high value customers, medical vs. recreational users, etc.
  • “Infused” audiences: demographic, lifestyle, interest, and brand purchaser audiences enriched with cannabis and CBD transaction data


Why have you partnered with Eyeota?

Eyeota is a widely trusted leader in the industry & has great rapport with downstream platforms. As one of the first Audience Marketplaces Fyllo integrated with, we partnered with Eyeota as an idyllic partner to help distribute/integrate our data into premium platforms for expanded accessibility of Fyllo data.

We also identified and aligned on a larger commercial / monetization opportunity to feed Fyllo’s offline-sourced, deterministic transaction data into Eyeota’s curated marketplace


How do your audience solutions help brands and advertisers?

As marketers face continued, unrelenting pressure to find new growth engines for their brands, Fyllo Data Marketplace enables access to the massive and previously inaccessible audience of Cannabis and CBD purchasers. This highly diverse group of consumers has proven to be incredibly responsive to messaging from mainstream marketers across a variety of verticals, including QSR, Pharma, Health & Wellness, Retail, CPG, Food & Beverage, Alcohol, Media & Entertainment. Today, over 5k brands are finding great success leveraging our data.

Per MRI-Simmons, brands like Doritos (123), Starbucks (124), Budweiser (233), Patagonia (167), L'Oreal (180), Popeye's (138) and 100s of others over-index for cannabis and CBD consumption. To clarify an example, this means that those who go to Starbuck's are 24% more likely to consume cannabis/CBD than the average US adult. Fyllo leans in from a sales enablement and insights perspective, and it is these insights that help mainstream marketers realize the potential Fyllo segments can enable from both an innovation and performance standpoint.


What are the key differentiators for your data set?

  1. Cannabis and CBD consumption is now mainstream, and traditional marketers are taking notice.
    Today, people of all lifestyles and life stages consume Cannabis & CBD, making up one of the largest and fastest-growing consumer groups in the world. According to MRI-Simmons, it’s 64 million people strong or 25% of the total US adult population and represents the largest & fastest-growing consumer group in the world. Brands across CPG, Retail, QSR, Health/Wellness, and Beauty verticals can now tap into an entirely new set of audiences and consumer profiles that have a passion for brands that help them live better, achieve more, and discover new experiences. Through our research with MRI, we’ve validated exciting qualities about this consumer group:
    1. 20% more likely to drink Heineken
    2. 15% more likely to attend a sports event
    3. 14% more likely to shop at Ulta
    4. 13% more likely to eat at Panda Express
    5. 25% more likely to try new products & services
    6. 22% more likely to get home delivery
    7. 19% more likely to make impulse purchases
    8. 17% more likely to pay extra for products consistent with the image they want to convey
    9. 13% more likely to eat meals on the run
    10. 12% more likely to shop online than go to a store

      (% more likely than the general population)

  2. More than just Cannabis & CBD purchase data
    In addition to endemic audiences like “CBD Lotion Purchasers”, Fyllo enables a robust non-endemic (or “Infused”) taxonomy that enables marketers to access traditional segments (e.g. Fast Food Lovers Buyers, Healthy Eaters, Hiking Enthusiasts, etc) that have been enriched with Cannabis & CBD transaction data, opening access to an entirely new set of data attributes. These “enriched” audiences effectively appeal to brands across CPG, QSR, Retail, Pharma, and Alc/Bev verticals by giving marketers something they’ve historically proven successful performance against, but now with Fyllo data gain access to a previously inaccessible data attribute of “first movers” (ie, cannabis/CBD purchasers) that have proven to move markets and have a higher propensity to buy.

  3. Sourced from leading Cannabis & CBD companies
    From a methodology and sourcing perspective, Fyllo has sourced offline, PII-based transaction data from leading Cannabis & CBD-endemic data companies. Aggregated from various POS systems, e-commerce platforms, delivery systems, and loyalty programs, Fyllo makes available the world’s largest ecosystem of Cannabis & CBD audience data. Fyllo data has exclusive data access to Data Owl (Fyllo acquired Data Owl in January 2021), Leafly (one of the largest cannabis companies in the world), and the largest endemic e-commerce platform.

  4. Delivering an LDA-compliant, A21+ audience
    Fyllo’s deterministic profiles are all sourced from an entirely A21+ population, making them incredibly powerful for brands that require LDA-compliant audiences (ie, Alcohol, Gambling, etc)


What is your approach to cookieless targeting?

With the cookie’s imminent demise & long-term addressability top of mind, Fyllo made the conscious business decision to deprioritize cookie-based data partnerships and data supply acquisition, and instead we’ve focused solely on sourcing offline data derived from offline PII. Having PII as the starting point for our audience solutions enables the ability to support an agnostic/flexible approach to audience development, data engineering, data distribution etc. Today our audiences are targetable on various identifiers: IDFAs, AAIDs, Cookies, IDLs, Custom Platform IDs (TTD’s Unified ID 2.0, RampID, etc.), IP Address & others.


How does Fyllo work with brands/agencies to get them comfortable with using Fyllo data given the sensitive category of cannabis & CBD??

At Fyllo’s core, we are a compliance-focused software company. Fyllo began as a regulatory and compliance platform to help automate and navigate the fragmented laws in the legalized cannabis space. In late January 2020, Fyllo acquired CannaRegs for $10M, the leading regulatory database in the cannabis and CBD industry - allowing clients across martech, real estate, law firms, etc to understand jurisdiction level compliance. Here, customers can understand hyperlocal nuances like zoning, taxation, ad policy, etc.

Because of Fyllo’s commitment to compliance, and having spent $10M on compliance software, brands, agencies and platforms alike have grown comfortable and trusting in Fyllo as both a business and data layer for programmatic activation. We’ve applied the same level of rigor and diligence to how we acquire unique data supply and as a result, have ingested and developed audiences derived via consent-based data collection. Across all data suppliers (ie, POS systems, e-commerce platforms, delivery systems, and loyalty programs) we require all data suppliers to have a direct relationship with the consumer, clear notice/choice, multiple methods of opt-out & data deletion rights, etc. As a result of Fyllo’s commitment to compliance, data privacy and ethics, many other conservative platforms (ie, Experian, LiveRamp, Google, Trade Desk, etc) have grown comfortable partnering with Fyllo and establishing robust partnerships. In addition, this same level of rigor has enabled meaningful investment opportunities with Fortune 500 brands (today, over 5k brands currently activate Fyllo data).

With Eyeota, Fyllo audiences are available in the US for omnichannel campaign activation on
display, mobile and social channels including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For more information about Fyllo, connect with an audience specialist today at