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Audience Data Sessions: Q&A with DLG

By: David Lau, Senior Account Director at DLG

We invited Data Locator Group's (DLG) Senior Account Director, David Lau, to share more information about DLG's lifestyle database and any updates to our partnership. Read more now to learn what makes DLG data unique and how marketers can activate it to connect with their best online consumers.


Can you introduce yourself, your role and responsibilities?

My name is David Lau, Senior Account Director at Data Locator Group (DLG).
I have been with DLG for over 9 years and worked within the Direct Marketing industry for over 18 years.

DLG is described as specialists in consumer data marketing, can you share more information about your business?

DLG’s lifestyle database is the largest, most up to date and fully opted-in lifestyle database in the UK. DLG has pioneered the collection of permission-based data provision for over 20 years.
With continual innovation, in-house expertise and decades of direct marketing experience ensure our data products are the very best. Our multi channel data and client-first approach helps drive growth for some of the UK’s largest brands.

Why have you chosen to partner with Eyeota?

We decided to partner with Eyeota as it helped link our core offline dataset to the digital ecosystem. We pride ourselves by offering best-in-class products and wanted to partner with someone who is aligned with our own values of ‘client-first approach’ coupled with their drive and expertise. Eyeota’s expert targeting has privacy-by-design built in and this matches closely with DLG’s core values.

Eyeota works with DLG to activate its valuable consumer attitudes, characteristics and behavioural insights as digital audiences, are there any new updates to our partnership this year?

Our database changes all the time. Being a first-party data collector, DLG havefor yearsviewed the consumers on our database as one of the key stakeholders within our business. We create relevant audiences listening to both stakeholders and clients aligning both their needs to create powerful messages in the value exchange.
In a recent survey, we wanted to gauge people’s thoughts on holidays within the UK and abroad based on the current climate. In doing so we were able to create two distinct audiences—consumers who are desperate to go abroad, no matter the circumstances, and consumers who will only 'staycate' within the UK, who have no desire to go abroad. These segments will be available on Eyeota's shelves by Q4 and will allow marketeers to select upon those who have clearly expressed their holidays intentions in 2021.

How are DLG audiences relevant for brands and advertisers?

We help advertisers connect with consumers with relevant demographic, intent and interest segments. We work with some of the biggest established brands, but also start-ups that need to grow their business quickly and at scale, all across different verticals within the UK.

How should marketers best use DLG audiences?

DLG work extensively across the following markets

  • Utility switching
  • Charity
  • Financial
  • Automotive
  • Subscription
  • Leisure
  • Health & Mobility
  • Telecoms
  • Travel

Clients can also match their offline data to create bespoke profiles. We would match a client’s best customers against our own database. Using these matches we build a detailed Insight Report on the best customers, and use this to find lookalikes within our base. The profile report gives an idea of the level of insight we can understand on a Customer Database. The profile is built at an Individual and Actual level of detail – thus ensuring the strongest targeting – and therefore the best chance of highest response. We then pass our identifiers to Eyeota to match against theirs to create the client’s private audience, with engagements sometimes outperforming their own CRM campaigns.

Why is it important for you to work with partners like Eyeota to onboard your data?

Our transparency, partnership and relationship building between both companies have been the primary driving force to the development of our relationship. The combination of DLG’s first party data and Eyeota’s ability and onboard data with their integrations allows us to bring powerful relevant messages online.



With Eyeota, DLG audiences are available in the UK for omnichannel campaign activation on display, mobile and social channels including Facebook and Instagram. For more information about DLG, connect with an audience specialist today at