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Eyeota is now a Dun & Bradstreet Company!

By: Kristina Prokop, CEO & Co-founder

I am delighted to announce that Eyeota is officially part of the Dun & Bradstreet family! 


Dun & Bradstreet, a leading global provider of business decisioning data and analytics, has acquired Eyeota, as well as NetWise, once the transaction is complete, to become the revenue technology (RevTech) partner of choice for B2B brands around the world. Acquisitions will bolster the power of the Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S ® Number to make it easier for marketers to combine offline and online data to enable personalized B2B marketing and activation around the world. Together we will solve our industry's biggest challenges: to provide trusted data, technology and insights that enable marketers to better target and engage B2B audiences across global markets and digital channels. 


Eyeota was founded in 2010 with a mission to create a sustainable, interoperable, and globally available data solution that supports a privacy-first world of digital marketing and advertising. The acquisition by Dun & Bradstreet is driven by Eyeota’s ability to provide access to global, privacy-conscious B2B and B2C audience data solutions through a valuable worldwide ecosystem of digital activation, data management and social platforms. By joining forces with Dun & Bradstreet and NetWise, we are able to execute on our shared visions to help revenue-generating teams get out of the business of wrangling data and technology and get back to engaging with their customers and prospects to drive growth for their companies. The combined entities' technology and trusted data will provide peace of mind to marketers, enabling them to target B2B customers and prospects with confidence and create holistic targetable audiences enriched with consumer signals to drive better engagement across every major marketing channel or platform.


This is an incredible milestone in the story of Eyeota and a testament to the outstanding teams and individuals across all departments; the agile business we have created; and the forward-thinking products, solutions, and services we have collectively developed. A huge thank you to all of the people who have helped get us where we are today. To my co-founders, where it all began. To all Eyeotians past and present for their contributions, boundless energy, and making this a great place to work. To our customers and partners who entrust us with their business. To our investors for their support and belief in our vision. 


For now, it is business as usual for us and our teams as we continue to provide our customers with Eyeota’s technology and services. As we look to the future, the potential and scope for the continued innovation of Eyeota's B2B and B2C audience solutions and data products are now bolstered by the support of our new parent company. I am incredibly excited about the next chapter in our story and to build our future as part of the Dun & Bradstreet family!

Read more about how Dun & Bradstreet, Netwise and Eyeota plan to build a better future together here.


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