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The Audience Targeting Playbook: Connecting with Online CPG and FMCG Buyers

By: Eyeota


The number of online consumer packaged goods (CPG) buyers accelerated exponentially during the pandemic, and digital grocery sales are forecast to continue to grow in the coming years. After retail, CPG and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) represents the second-highest digital ad spending sector. CPG digital ad spending reached more than $39.5 billion in 2023—a figured that’s expected to grow more than 12 percent annually over the next two years, topping $50 billion in 2025.


In the digital landscape of CPG and FMCG marketing, the importance of employing high-quality audience data cannot be overstated. Online CPG shoppers exhibit diverse and rapidly evolving preferences, making precise targeting essential for successful ad campaigns. Quality audience data empowers marketers to gain insights into consumer behaviors, purchase history, and demographic information, allowing for the creation of highly targeted and relevant advertisements.


By understanding the nuances of online CPG shoppers' preferences and habits, brands can deliver personalized content and product recommendations that resonate with individual needs, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion. Accurate audience data facilitates the optimization of ad placements, ensuring that campaigns reach the right audience at the right time, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of marketing efforts and contributing to the overall success of CPG brands in the competitive online marketplace.



So, how can brands targeting CPG and FMCG audiences reach their best target customers and influence buyers more effectively? Here at Eyeota, a Dun & Bradstreet company, we have the CPG and FMCG Audiences that matter most to marketers. From driving awareness to engaging consumers in-market, the Eyeota CPG and FMCG Audience Playbook has the personas and profiles you need to identify, reach, and engage your target audience on digital channels.


Discover addressable digital audience profiles to target your ideal customers such as:


  • Household Decision Makers
  • FMCG Deal Seekers
  • Online and In-Store Grocery Buyers
  • In-Market Household Product Shoppers
  • Pet Care and Supply Consumers
  • And many more!


If you’re ready to take your audience strategy to the next level, download the Eyeota CPG and FMCG Playbook here. And if you’re interested in exploring how we can deliver a custom audience targeting strategy for your campaigns, connect with Eyeota’s Data Desk team today!