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Audience Data Sessions: Q&A with Tremor International

By: Alexandra Dean, Senior Director, Global Partnerships & Strategy, Tremor International

Alexandra Dean Tremor Eyeota

For our Audience Data Sessions, Eyeota speaks to Alexandra Dean from Tremor International to learn more about Tremor Video DSP and Unruly SSP, their approach to third-party cookie deprecation and online consumer insights emerging from the pandemic. Read our Q&A now!


Can you introduce yourself and your Platform?

Hi, my name is Alexandra Dean and I’m Tremor International’s Senior Director, Global Partnerships & Strategy. I lead our Commercial Partnerships and Business Development Strategy.

Our unique end-to-end, video-first tech stack includes our demand side platform, Tremor Video DSP, and our supply side platform, Unruly SSP. We also have a data management platform (DMP) that fuels both platforms by collecting and organizing data for our partners across the ad ecosystem. This means advertisers can connect with high-quality publishers seamlessly and efficiently, and ultimately reach and engage their desired audience at ease.


Why have you partnered with Eyeota?

Eyeota’s wealth of O&O and branded audience data, coupled with its global footprint, support our powerful data-driven solutions for advertisers and publishers across all of our key markets.


In which markets does your Platform operate?

We are a global platform with core business operations in the North America, EMEA and APAC regions.


What percentage of your business is managed service vs self-service?

We are uniquely positioned to offer Managed Service, Self Service, and PMP buying models. We continue to see Self-Service growth in the US market and are looking to expand this offering internationally. Unruly has been layering data across supply for many years now to offer a scalable targeted PMP solution to buyers.


What key verticals does your Platform provide solutions for?

We are vertical agnostic, and the demand varies by market. Our diversified clientele includes brands and media agencies in the Automotive, CPG, Entertainment, Finance, Healthcare, Political, Retail and Travel verticals, among many others.

With the end of third-party cookies fast approaching, what are your solutions for audience targeting?

We have been proactive in our approach to third-party cookie deprecation, and completed an end-to-end integration with LiveRamp’s RampID solution in 2021, and support many other universal ID solutions through our SSP. As a CTV-centric platform, we are less impacted by the changes to third-party cookies, and will continue to reach audiences across screens by leveraging identifiers like MAIDs, IPs, etc. We have also launched our content-level targeting solution which is enabled by aggregating TV-like video content attributes from our direct publishers through the bid-stream, along with third-party data sources to bolster our contextual offering for buyers in light of growing privacy regulations, third-party cookie deprecation, IDFA changes, etc.


The pandemic has resulted in a considerable rise in digital advertising – what are your insights or learnings?

Even before the pandemic’s inception, consumers’ online behavior was on the rise. But when COVID-19 arrived, consumers were more homebound than ever before, which led to a notable increase in their engagement with digital content platforms like CTV, coupled with a pronounced uptick in online shopping driven by the more widespread reluctance to visit brick-and-mortar locations. Advertisers have understandably capitalized on these shifts in consumer behavior by expanding their media investments across digital platforms that can help them optimize audience reach and engage consumers in more relevant ways.


What are the key data trends you’re excited about in 2022?

Innovation with unique data sets, targeting solutions that have evolved beyond the third-party cookie, collaboration with premium publisher partners to activate rich second-party data across our supply network, and CTV-centric targeting capabilities.



To learn more about activating audiences through Tremor Video DSP or Unruly SSP, get in touch with our Audience Specialists at today!