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Audience Data Sessions: Q&A with Affinity Answers

By: Josh Raper, VP of Global Marketing at Affinity Answers


Can you introduce yourself and your audience solutions?

My name is Josh Raper. I am the VP of Global Marketing for Affinity Answers.

Affinity Answers captures social data from the largest social platforms in the world (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and TikTok) in order to better understand human behavior. We are truly “Behavioral data for the customer obsessed”.

We collect more active social engagements than anyone in the data business, and that means a better understanding of customer behavior and more fuel to power customer acquisition and competitive conquest strategies.

Affinity Answers was started 15 years ago working with MySpace data and we have evolved with every major social platform, and today we are the only social data provider to access TikTok hashtags.

Social data is the best data set to deliver privacy and scale. Our data is Neutronian compliant for data transparency, quality, and certified cookieless. Our model is based on pseudonymized engagement data between people and the brands, celebrities, shows, movies, and all other entertainment they love. At scale. We capture engagements from 180MM people across 40,000 brands.


Why have you partnered with Eyeota?

Eyeota has been an ideal partner for Affinity Answers. With Eyeota, we have been able to expand our offerings both withing the US and into EMEA and APAC. The growth that we have seen working with Eyeota has been tremendous. Their relationships across the globe have enabled us to create valuable ongoing relationships that would have previously been beyond our reach. Their teams have a long-term vision of where the industry is going and are planning for the inevitable end of cookies and will be a leader in the eventual move towards Universal ID and MAID targeting.


In which markets do you operate?



Can you discuss the importance of audience data in today’s digital advertising landscape?

Audience data has long been the silent engine that powers campaign performance. New privacy regulations and Google’s “will they, won’t they” drama has pushed audience data into the spotlight for the first time. As a result, marketers have begun too appreciate everything that audience data can do for them. The best marketers in the world want to create work that moves certain segments of the population to act. They know that their products, messaging, and brands weren’t created for everyone. Audience targeting provides those marketers with a competitive advantage to prove that their efforts to innovate, create, and deliver for specific customers were a success.


How can businesses leverage data to improve advertising strategies?​

Marketers come to Affinity Answer when they are looking for scale without losing relevance. Our unique and expansive data set gives marketers the ability to target current or prospective customers directly or based on behavior or outside interests. Most data sets focus on look-alike modeling based on past purchase of demographics. Both are lesser indicators of future purchase intent.

Clients use our audiences for multiple strategies including:

  • Current customer targeting
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Conquest Competitors
  • Promotional/Sponsorships


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