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Podcast: Surviving In A Cookie-less Environment

In recent months, the digital advertising industry has seen a shift towards a future where third-party cookies will no longer be in use. For brands and marketers, what will a digital advertising environment be like without cookies? In this podcast, a panel of experts discuss the impact of enhanced cookie-control on digital advertising, the rise of permissions-based targeting, and, ultimately, how to survive in a cookie-less environment.

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5 Effective Audience Targeting Strategies for Travel & Leisure Brands

Travel Brands are one of the biggest spenders on audience data seen on the Eyeota Audience Data Platform. So how has this diverse group of advertisers which includes airlines, booking sites, travel agents, hotels and auto rentals been using audience data to reach their target audiences?

The 2019 Eye On: Travel report has uncovered a number of key insights around how travel and leisure-related advertisers and agencies develop and execute global audience targeting strategies - read on to learn more.

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CCPA: The Countdown to Compliance

CCPA will come into force on January 1, 2020 so how will this affect you? Increase your knowledge and understanding of the main points of this new legislation by reading our key highlights summary here.

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How To Build An Audience Targeting Strategy

A recent Econsultancy survey showed that the majority of marketers (55%) say that utilizing data for effective audience segmentation and targeting is one the highest priorities in 2019. Being able to select the right audiences for your goals is crucial for campaign success but the sheer amount of data that a marketer has access to these days may feel overwhelming.

What are the 5 key steps you need to consider when building an audience targeting strategy? 

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Audience Targeting Strategies for Travel Brands

At Eyeota, we see spend across all major verticals and travel is one of the biggest spenders on audience data so, with summer vacations around the corner, let's take a closer look at some developing audience strategies for the travel sector that were presented at the Eyeota Audience Data Summit recently.