Podcast: Surviving In A Cookie-less Environment

Recorded live at the 2019 Eyeota Audience Data Summit

In recent months, the digital advertising industry has seen a shift towards a future where third-party cookies will no longer be in use.

For brands and marketers, what will a digital advertising environment be like without cookies? In this podcast, a panel of experts discuss the impact of enhanced cookie-control on digital advertising, the rise of permissions-based targeting, and, ultimately, how to survive in a cookie-less environment.

Podcast: Surviving in a Cookie-less Environment.

Panelists: Fiona Davis at Infinitive Media, Mathieu Roche at ID5, Nick King at Canton Marketing Solutions, Paul Gubbins at Unruly. 
Moderator: Jill Orr at Eyeota

This podcast was recorded live at the 2019 Eyeota Audience Data Summit in London, UK. 

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