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Equifax Data-Driven Marketing Digital Customer Insights Now Available Through the Eyeota Audience Marketplace

Equifax Data-driven Marketing, the marketing data, analytics and technology solutions capability of Equifax Inc. (NYSE: EFX), today announced a collaborative relationship with audience technology platform Eyeota. This expanded relationship makes Equifax DDM’s digital consumer segments now available through the Eyeota Audience Marketplace under the IXI Digital label. 


Consumer Data Concerns: Let’s Admit There’s A Problem

The ad tech industry today is effectively chasing quarters into oncoming traffic. We are taking user concerns like privacy entirely too lightly, or talking about shiny things like "cookieless," which to date is more hope than strategy.

Eyeota CTO Pieter de Zwart shares his thoughts on how the industry can work collectively to combat these long-term threats with combined, shared resources.


Digitally Native Brands Show How To Use Consumer Data When Selling Direct

Direct-to-consumer brands leverage data to effectively market to their customers, using channels, messages and even real-world experiences in ways that allow them to create touchpoints that engage all along the path to purchase.

Kevin Tan, Eyeota CEO & Co-Founder, shares steps on how brands can catch up, and even get ahead, by recognizing how critical data is to their success—and their survival.

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Eyeota Grows Lifestage Audience Solutions with New Partnerships with Greater Data and Defin’d by Finity

Eyeota has announced new partnerships with two Australian data providers, Greater Data and Defin’d by Finity. These partnerships will expand Eyeota’s audience solutions and address the growing demand for audience data in the Australian market.

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Podcast: Surviving In A Cookie-less Environment

In recent months, the digital advertising industry has seen a shift towards a future where third-party cookies will no longer be in use. For brands and marketers, what will a digital advertising environment be like without cookies? In this podcast, a panel of experts discuss the impact of enhanced cookie-control on digital advertising, the rise of permissions-based targeting, and, ultimately, how to survive in a cookie-less environment.