Do you have an effective audience data strategy?

Data drives the new digital advertising ecosystem. As a global leading data supplier, Eyeota is a trusted partner to help you better connect with your target audience and extract the most value out of your digital media budget. For brands, this means you can effectively and accurately deliver the right ad to the right user at the right time. For publishers, this means you can build additional revenue streams, and better understand your audiences.

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The Human Side Of Data

Data is more than just a random pool of anonymous profiles. At Eyeota, we focus on the humans behind the data. Each data point represents the profile of a real person with real interests and needs. We strive to better understand these individuals for our clients to build deeper more meaningful connections with their target audiences. It is through these connections that we can together make advertising more relevant, effective, and responsive.

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Eyeota in Numbers

Eyeota has 1.5 billion ways to make your campaigns more effective.
We help you make impressions on humans, not random cookies.

Eyeota for Advertisers

Maximize the return on your media spend. 

Eyeota empowers brands and media buyers to reach their target audiences with precision. Our hyper-local audience data achieves campaign scale and accuracy so you can increase your ROI.  

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Eyeota for Publishers

Unlock a new ancillary revenue stream.

We want you to join the Eyeota Publisher Network! Become a supply partner publisher and start extracting value from your audience data with no cost and a simple set up process.  

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Our Partners

We are integrated with all the major data buying platforms and our branded data partners include the most trusted information and services providers in the world. Some of the largest global media agencies use the Eyeota Data Marketplace to plan and target advertising campaigns.

Q2 2015 Eyeota Index Now Available

The Eyeota Index Q2 reveals 62% growth in global audience data usage. This is an invaluable resource for media planners and digital marketers. Deepen your knowledge of how audience data is used in programmatic. Download the Eyeota Index now

Case Study: Eyeota’s demographic audience is 53% more accurate than the third party data provider average

A major global media agency recently tested various third party data providers’ demographic data using Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings to measure data quality and effectiveness in campaign audience targeting. Eyeota’s demographic data was found to deliver impressions 86% on target, compared to the third party data average of 56% accuracy (the average includes Eyeota).

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Facebook's Demand-side Platform: It has the data, does it have the trust?

News that Facebook is planning to release a demand-side platform (DSP) next year confirms what those of us in the industry have known since the start — that programmatic is a true force within advertising. Technology allows brands to target customers based on real-time insights about who they are and what they want in ways far greater than humans can. Read more here.

Advertisers Find New Dimensions in Travel Audience Data 

The travel and leisure industry was one of the first to be transformed by digital. Kevin Tan, Eyeota CEO, shares his tips on handling and understanding the ins and outs of audience data in this unique industry. Read more here