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Our Data Quality Committment To You

By: Kristina Prokop, CEO & Co-founder

At Eyeota, we have always been firmly committed to ensuring data quality and transparency are at the foundation of our trusted relationships with clients and partners.

To reinforce our commitment to data quality and transparency, Eyeota is the first marketplace to proactively engage with both Neutronian and IAB Data Label to validate our third-party data.

We know the process of data collection is extremely complex and can be overwhelming to our partners. Therefore, we’ve committed to making this easy through transparent data quality and auditing processes.  

What this means for our clients is the assurance they are buying the data ecosystem version of 'Organic Food', much like the peace of mind we all get when we buy foods raised without conventional pesticides, bioengineering, and hormones.  Eyeota now provides buyers with the same peace of mind - you are getting what is on the label without the additives and delivered to the market transparently. 

The onus is no longer on your clients to develop their own audit processes and systems, which requires a deep technical understanding of the data ecosystem combined with a sound knowledge of global privacy and compliance laws. You can rely on Eyeota to bring you 'best of breed' data. 

We believe that it’s important to try and set an example and help drive an industry framework that demonstrates a commitment to providing the best possible data to our clients in order to help them achieve their commercial and corporate goals.

Now is the time for all data companies to step forward and help marketers regain their faith and confidence in audience data. We encourage all our partners and competitors to engage with Neutronian and IAB Tech Lab - by doing so, our industry, brands and consumers will all benefit.


Neutronian provides the industry’s most comprehensive independent data certification. It is backed by industry veterans and data experts from companies such as ComScore, Omnicom, Goodway Group, LiveRamp and American Express.

Eyeota has been through a rigorous process which examined the sources of our data, our processes and privacy compliance.

We were pleased to be awarded one of the very first Certification Badges from Neutronian in May 2020 for our Eyeota branded segments.

IAB Tech Lab

As a leading ad-tech industry body, IAB Tech Lab has also created it’s own Data Transparency standard that helps buyers determine audience data quality, including recency, sourcing and segmentation criteria.

We are proud to be the fourth data provider globally to have achieved the IAB Tech Lab Data Transparency Standard.

We also recently hosted a panel session on Why Data Quality Matters with industry experts from Neutronian, ShareThis and Athletes First Partners - you can get access to the webinar here.