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How To Target Beauty Consumers Online

By: Alex Fu, Global Director of Audience Insights


By: Alex Fu, Global Director of Audience Insights

The Beauty and Personal Care sub-sector has grown rapidly in the past several years, as consumers flock to buy new products from both legacy beauty brands and new start-up brands. An influx of Korean beauty products, such as face masks, and sustainable, natural products are also major contributors to this growing sector.

The new Eyeota 2019 Eye On: Beauty report outlines a number of industry trends and audience targeting strategies to reach niche beauty and personal care consumers, including:

Skin Care Devotees: Consumers who are not only committed to their skin care regime, but also their overall personal health. It's all about prevention, rather than treatment.

Sustainable Beauty Product Users: Whether it’s taking care of the environment by recycling or cleaning up, these consumers are willing to pay a premium for sustainably-sourced beauty & personal care products.

Fitness Enthusiasts: Gym junkies and yogi masters, these consumers are all about fitness, healthy eating and personal care products that help feel and look younger.

Makeup Mavens: Consumers who are heavy makeup buyers, interested in makeup tutorials, and influenced by content-driven, direct to consumer makeup brands.

Get specific target strategies for all of these consumer groups by downloading the Eye On: Beauty Report.

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