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Eyeota Releases Proprietary Research on Holiday Shoppers and Consumer Electronics with Ziff Davis

By: Eyeota

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New York, NY -- November 13, 2019 --  Eyeota, the leading audience technology platform enabling the intelligent use of data, today released its 2019 Consumer Electronics Holiday Shopping Study with Ziff Davis.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) estimates that spending on technology during the 2019 holiday season in the U.S. will reach $97.1 billion. Eyeota’s 2019 Consumer Electronics Holiday Shopping study reveals that interest in tech products continues to climb in the 2019 holiday season with 64% of U.S. consumers planning to purchase consumer electronics as a gift this year.

A sampling of the Consumer Electronics Holiday Shopping study’s findings are as follows: 

Consumer Electronics Product Interest

  • Mobile phones/smartphones top the list of the types of consumer electronics gifted, with 31% of respondents indicating such. 
  • Other devices to be gifted include tablets (25%), computers/laptops (25%), video streaming devices (17%), portable gaming consoles (15%) and non-portable gaming consoles (11%).  


Price Comparison and Product Research

  • The majority of gift-givers compare consumer electronics prices on Amazon (84%) and other online retail sites (57%).
  • Gifters over the age of 60 are more trusting of user reviews, while shoppers under 44 years old are more likely to trust professional product reviews. 
  • Men are 23% more likely to compare prices on deal sites and 23% more likely to buy based on professional reviews. 
  • Women are 30% more likely to visit blogs and 14% more likely to rely on word-of-mouth when comparing products. 

The Time to Buy

  • Holiday shoppers ages 18 to 29 are 25% more likely to shop on Black Friday than older consumers.
  • Men are 24% more likely to buy consumer electronics based on new product releases. 
  • Women are 14% more likely to buy based on approaching holidays and 12% more likely to buy new gadgets when they earn a salary increase or a new job.
  • Men are 14% more likely to visit brick and mortar locations to shop for consumer electronics. 


The 2019 Consumer Electronics Holiday Shopping report marks the first initiative of the new partnership between Eyeota and Ziff Davis, a subsidiary of j2 Global, Inc. and a leading global digital-media company, to bring robust audience solutions to marketers and media buyers on a global scale. 


Through this partnership, marketers can use the Eyeota Audience Marketplace to access audiences derived from Ziff Davis’ 125 owned and operated digital properties and partner sites, including Mashable, PCMag,, AskMen and Speedtest by Ookla, with 5,000 annual product reviews and over 200 million unduplicated monthly visitors. 


“We recognize that the holidays are a critical time for advertisers, and the data from Ziff Davis offers an effective and valuable way to better understand and reach the large group of holiday shoppers buying consumer electronics this year,” said Jason Sinnarajah, SVP, Strategy and Growth for Ziff Davis. “By partnering with Eyeota, we are able to distribute the valuable insights we have on these consumers, and the motivation behind their interest, consideration and purchase intent. The findings from the study support the importance of using targeted data to support tech marketers’ holiday strategies to engage consumers throughout each stage of the purchase funnel.” 


Ziff Davis properties reach a highly-engaged niche audience with strong interests in gaming, retail, technology and consumer electronics and offer a valuable medium for contextual targeting for marketers in those industries. Ziff Davis’ audience insights include commerce actions, content downloads and subscriptions, as well as other offline activities that signal purchase intent.


“The audience segments derived from Ziff Davis’ impressive portfolio of sites naturally complement and expand our vast Eyeota Audience Marketplace in high-growth verticals like gaming and consumer electronics,” said Howard Luks, Managing Director, Americas at Eyeota. “As we approach the holiday season, we were especially excited to allow marketers the opportunity to leverage Ziff Davis’ audience knowledge to serve the increasing demand for shopper insights around these products tied to shopping holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.” 


The study’s results reflect an online survey completed by 1,049 U.S.-based internet users, balanced to the U.S. Census with regard to age, gender and household income. Responses were fielded in September 2019. 


To download the full 2019 Eyeota Consumer Electronics Holiday Shopping Study, please visit:


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